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OCLC Record Replacement

For more information, see Bibliographic Formats and Standards, 2nd Edition, Chapter 5, Quality Assurance. 


Database Enrichment

  • Full mode authorization or higher

  • Full level member input records or CIP records (8)

  • Add 006 and 007 fields; call numbers and subject headings in schemes not already present; and physical description information (field 300) to CIP records; edit 505 and 856 fields*** See OCLC Technical Bulletin 246 for specific information about new fields that can be added or edited under Database Enrichment; see also How to earn OCLC cataloging database enrichment credits***

Minimal Record Upgrade

  • Full mode authorization or higher

  • Minimal level records (K, M, 2, 5, 7)

  • Upgrade record to level I:

    • Add necessary fields
      Verify access points
      Make needed corrections
      Change Encoding level to I

Enhance (monographs only)

  • Enhance authorization

  • Full level member-input records (I, L, J) or CIP records (8)

  • Revise record beyond parameters of Database Enrichment

National Enhance (i.e., BIBCO) (monographs only)

  • National Enhance authorization

  • All encoding level records except E

  • Revise record to meet BIBCO standards for Core or Full

  • Remember to

    • Change Encoding level to blank for full records and 4 for core records
      Change source to "c" if previously "d"
      Change 090 to 050: 4:
      Add 042::pcc


Database Enrichment
Minimal Record Upgrade
National Enhance
OCLC Record Replacement
Record Replacement

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson

Created: October 27, 2004
February 17, 2006


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