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Serial Major (Title) Changes

This page describes how to catalog major changes. To know whether a new record is needed, see the procedure here.

Closing the old title is often done by overlaying the existing record with the closed record in OCLC.

Do overlay if: 

Be sure you change the OWN code to PUBLIC before attempting an overlay!

If there is extensive information in local notes, or there is not much difference between the two records, it is probably simpler to edit the Aleph data to match the OCLC record.

Special case: Up until Aleph migration, we recorded series treatment information on the serial record. If series information is on the serial record, make sure that information is reflected in the Series Authority File (local or LC) and DELETE it from the serial record.

The general procedures for closing a serial title are in the CONSER Cataloging Manual, Module 21, Section 3. If the record in OCLC is not already closed, the record should be locked for CONSER maintenance or upgrading. 


In general, we only change the call number if:

Special case: If the numbering of the new title begins again, we cannot use the exact same call number, but we should try to keep the two titles together. Adding a 1 or 2 to the end of the last cutter is a convenient way to distinguish the titles while keeping them adjacent. 

When you need to change the call number, prefer the 050 in the OCLC record of the new title. If there is no 050, multiple 050s, or if there is a conflict, consult your Unit Head or the Principal Serials Cataloger.

In addition, locally you should:

In some cases, some of the item records or information in holdings or order records will need to be moved from one record to another. We can change the holdings information and move the item records not attached to a subscription.  Any changes that should be made to the order records can be pointed out when we notify the Acquisitions & Licensing Department. If items are attached to the order record, the Acquisitions and Licensing Dept. will need to move those items.


Serial Major (Title) Changes

Serial Major (Title) Changes

Serial Major (Title) Changes

Closing Serial Titles

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