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TKR Guide

This is intended to serve as a best-practices guide to those creating new TKR, or tickler, fields in the catalog as well as a tool for using and interpreting many existing ticklers.  Ticklers provide an easy means for staff to create and retrieve indexes of related records.  TKR that are input on bib records are retrievable in both the public catalog browse search "Cataloging tickler," and in the client in UFU01 using the keyword (WTK) or browse (TKR) searches.  TKR that are input on holding records are retrievable in UFU60 using the browse (TKR) search from the Catalog Module.  There are several important categories of TKR currently in use, for example, those included automatically with record loads as well as those used to identify specific circulation, acquisitions, binding/preservation, cataloging, and digitization data.

In NOTIS ticklers were recorded in the 035 field (or the 909 field on provisional records) and prefaced with "(FU)" to support index retrieval.  These migrated into Aleph TKR fields. The "(FU)" is not used for index retrieval.  Ticklers have served us well in many ways over the years.  Unfortunately, particular ticklers have often been so cryptic as to only be understood by the few people who use them, and they have often been entered inconsistently.  It is hoped that by creating this guide to TKR use we will improve clarity and consistency for future catalog users.


TKR List (link to EXCEL spreadsheet list of significant TKR's)

Acquisitions & Licensing Department's tickler page records the ticklers used by the CM Support Unit when creating pre-order records.  These ticklers allow the Monographs Unit to retrieve indexes of pre-order records by fund.  The department also uses ticklers to identify EOCRs (Electronic Order Confirmation Records) for specific vendors (e.g., YBPEOCR).

FCLA maintains the SUS Digital Library Project Codes webpage. This is a list of codes used in tickler and other fields on PALMM Project digitized resources records which are loaded to Aleph.

Please send questions or suggestions about existing TKR's not found on these lists to the Catalog Problems email address -


TKR Guide

Tickler Guide

Prepared by: Jimmie Lundgren and Betsy Simpson

Created: February 14, 2006; revised: May 11, 2006.

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