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Checking Links in the catalog

*This file should be created in the REPT client*

  1. Create Set in CAT module using Multi-base CCL search wur=http not wow=hc not wow=ll not wur=(serialssolutions or books24X7 or jstor or catdir or purl) not wsc=(uflaw or UFHHC orufdoc or docs) not wst=suppressed not wst=deleted
  2. Save set on server "LINK"
  3. Run "Services: Retrieve Catalog Records: Download Machine Readable Records (print-03) uncheck "print to ADM library"
    1. InputFile=LINK
    2. Output File= Link-check YYYYMMDD
    3. Field1=856##
    4. Format=MARC
  4. Check Task Manager/Batch Log(Tab) for "end" of processing
  5. login to to download MARC record file from the UFU01/scratch
  6. Open InfoWorks program and "Open Marc File" Browse to location of downloaded fil
  7. Start Now
  8. Use reports menu choices to view broken, redirected links

Indexed: link checking

Prepared by: Jason Fleming

Updated: September 17th 2007

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