Quick Tips

  • Stemming
    The search engine will also 'stem' your search words if you use an asterisk (*). 
    EXAMPLE: Searching Exh* will return all results with exhibitexhibitsexhibitionexhibiting, and any others that begin with exh.
  • Phrase Searching
    By default, entering a phrase will result in that entire phrase being searched.
    EXAMPLE: Searching for exhibits coordinator searches for that entire phrase within the data or files
  • Capitalization
    Searches are not capitalization sensitive.
    EXAMPLE: Searching for EXHIBITS will return the same results as searching for exhibits

Web Browsers, Tabs and New Windows

  • The ARL PD Bank opens new tabs or windows (depending on the set browser preference) for help files and does not rely on pop-up windows.
  • For users who wish to select new tabs on some occasions and new windows on others, modern browsers allow tabs to be "moved" from within a window with other tabs to a new window. To move a tab into a new window, click and drag the tab down. Doing so will pop the tab out and into a new window. The reverse of this can also be done by clicking and dragging the tab into another window.