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Recall Policy

What is a recall?
The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida have a vast amount of items that are available for check out. It is easy to forget that our resources are limited in that we usually only have one or two copies of any given title. When you check out an item from the Libraries you are given a due date by which you must either return or renew the book. Faculty members have a six month circulation period while graduate students and staff have 8 weeks, and undergraduates have 3 weeks. Some of these circulation periods are very long and in order for everyone to be able to have access to a title within a reasonable amount of time everyone has the ability to recall an item that is checked out by going into the catalog and clicking on the “Request” link next to the title. This starts the recall process.

Why did my due date change?
Since some of our circulation periods are very long the new recall due date may be sooner than the original due date. Once an item is requested an email is sent out to the person who currently has the book checked out. Depending on how long that patron has had that book in their possession a new sooner due date might be assigned. Items needed for Course Reserves are a special case and are due within 7 days and are not subject to the minimum 3 weeks use before a recall is usually permitted.

Length of time checked out

New due date

Less than 3 weeks

Original due date

Greater than 3 weeks

10 days from the date the item was recalled

What if I still need the book?
When you return the book you can have a staff member put a hold on it for you or you can request it through the library catalog so that you will be in line to use it when the item is returned. You may also take advantage of the Libraries' new borrowing service – UBorrow (unmediated borrowing).  Additional information may be found here:

What are the fines for returning a recalled item late?

You are always welcome to keep a recalled book until its new recall due date but, of course, it would be nice to return it sooner if you are not using it so that the requesting user can have the needed item. Be aware that recalled items have an accelerated fine and replacement schedule.  The fine is $1/day for 5 days and then on the 6th day you will be charged the $35 replacement fine. Shortly after that the Library will charge you for the cost of replacing the item. None of these charges are refundable. Please see for more details.

With all this in mind, it is a good idea to regularly check your Gatorlink email, periodically check your library account online, and to return books if you are planning on leaving the area (or the country!) unless you have a way to either send the books back from wherever you are or can have someone return books for you.

If I get charged for the cost of the book can I keep it?

No, all items circulated by the Libraries are the property of the state. The Libraries paid for the item you have checked out and the amount charged to you pays for the replacement of that item which is ordered at the time you are billed.