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BIBCO Annual Report

July 2005– June 2006



It’s been two years since I took responsibility for coordinating the BIBCO Program at the University of Florida.  During this time we’ve experienced a lot of change.  We re-organized the cataloging department, migrated to a new library management system ALEPH and learned to use OCLC’s Connexion. 


Last year I mentioned in the BIBCO report the challenges we faced with implementing authority control in ALEPH and anticipated that the impact of not having an updated authority file would cause a big disruption in the cataloger’s workflow that would eventually cause a huge drop in the number of BIBCO records submitted.  Apparently this was not the case.  According to this year’s BIBCO totals, catalogers were able to work around the disruption of not having an updated authority file in ALEPH.  They used the LC authority file and the control headings function in Connexion to get the work done.


This fiscal year’s BIBCO contributions overall totaled 1,347 over fy 05 1,042, an increase of 305 records submitted or a 29% overall increase for fy 06, a monthly average increase of 112 (fy 06) from 108 (fy 05).  Of the total contributions 1,057 or 78% was Full level and 290 or 22%  Core level records.  We recorded a monthly average of 88 and 24 (fy 06) for FULL and CORE level records compared to 89 and 29 (fy 05), respectively.  Again this year I was pleasantly surprised at the overall increase after not having implemented a BIBCO default for fy 06.


I look forward to providing a BIBCO review session next year with the intention of increasing BIBCO contributions by assigning a BIBCO default and by encouraging catalogers to increase the number of records submitted BIBCO enhance.  


Priscilla Williams, BIBCO Coordinator

University of Florida

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Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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