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BIBCO Annual Report

July 2006– June 2007


The University of Florida continued a strong commitment to the BIBCO Program.  As part of our ongoing participation in BIBCO we continue to report monthly statistics, consult locally with our catalogers and attend BIBCO national level programs at ALA.  Our contributions totaled 944 BIBCO records in fy07 reflecting a decrease in overall contributions this year by 403 or 30% from (fy06) 1,347.  Of the (fy07) total contributions 668 or 71% were full level and 276 or 29% core.  This is consistent with the previous four years and does not negatively impact BIBCO contributions overall, however, I think it would be interesting to hear the reasoning behind full versus core from our catalogers, especially since BIBCO full requires more time.  I look forward to another year of BIBCO participation.


Priscilla Williams, BIBCO Coordinator

University of Florida

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Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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