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Cataloging and Metadata Department


The Cataloging and Metadata Department supports the academic programs of the University by organizing, describing, and providing physical processing for the books, journals, electronic resources, sound and video recordings, microforms, maps, and other material purchased or received by the library system. Ten librarians and eighteen support staff catalog over 30,000 titles per year in compliance with national standards of bibliographic control and in keeping with established Cataloging Priorities. In addition, the department oversees the loading of e-resource and microform packages resulting in the addition of thousands of records to the library catalog each year. Original record contributions to OCLC, an international bibliographic database, number 5,000 annually. The department participates in international cooperative cataloging programs including CONSER, BIBCO, NACO, SACO, and AGRICOLA. Four units - Copy Cataloging, Science and Social Science Cataloging, Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging, and Authorities and Metadata Quality - and the Principal Serials Cataloger collaborate to create efficient workflows and apply the latest technologies in order to meet user needs. The Technical Coordinator provides support for both the Acquisitions and Licensing Department and the Cataloging and Metadata Department by investigating and implementing Aleph functions and other tools designed to improve processes.

Organizational Chart


In 2004 the Resource Services Department was split into the Acquisitions and Licensing Department and the Cataloging and Metadata Department. At that time the Contributed Cataloging Section of the Resource Services Department was merged with the Copy Cataloging Unit and staff from the Serials Cataloging Unit. Annual reports and Strategic Objectives for the Contributed Cataloging Section are archived on this site.

Annual Reports

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Annual Goals  

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Prepared by: Betsy Simpson , August 27, 2004



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