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Contributed Cataloging

Annual Highlights, 2012/2013

Special Teams Efforts.

Databases provided by the library were reviewed and cataloged by Hank, Hikaru, and Greg, and Guides@UF were cataloged by Hank, Greg and Beatriz under Naomi’s oversight. Greg continued cataloging CIP books from University Press of Florida in a project that included Jane Anne, Jackie and Priscilla as well. Jane Anne served as liaison to Special Collections and coordinated cataloging for Baldwin as well. Jay and Hank continued to work on Baldwin cataloging. Randy, Beatriz, Peter, and Hank worked on rare materials cataloging. Patricia cataloged feature films with added fields for genre and nationality. Susan Constantineau cataloged Florida History books and microfilm sets. Greg continued to catalog Frontline and other selected PBS programs available remotely, as well as reports from the Water Management Districts in Florida. Susan C., Susan D. and Jorge cataloged antique maps in the Map & Imagery Library and Jorge worked with Ken Solomon in cataloging antique maps. Hank and Beatriz provided files of Internet Archive records monthly. Peter cataloged music and reclassified well over a thousand volumes of scores for the music collection in AFA. 


Storage Documents and Dewey.

Jackie Brown continued to work as Documents Liaison. She trained and/or coordinated regular, part-time and volunteer staff in the StoDocs Project at ALF and completed many originals and enhances. She also cataloged European Community and Planning Docs. Jorge and Susan D. also cataloged original document books. Hank and Patricia cataloged serial documents. Beatriz cataloged and processed withdrawals of StoDocs at ALF one day a week. Jimmie coordinated with monthly meetings. Jorge, Susan D., Patricia, and Randy worked on problem resolution and retrospective cataloging of ALF Dewey storage books identified in the Tray process, with Jorge answering questions for Fern, Melissa, Patsy and Terry. Jackie acted as consultant to the de-dupe team and reclassified many Dewey documents as SuDoc. 


National and State Programs and Service.

All Unit staff submitted personal names to NACO, and began doing so in RDA March 31. Strong contributions were made to CONSER and BIBCO by unit members. On the state level, Jimmie served as a member of the Bibliographic Control and Discovery Subcommittee.  Nationally and internationally Hikaru served on CC:DA and CEAL and worked actively on development and approval of several Romanization tables with LC. Locally, Jimmie chaired the Employee Recognition Committee and served on the Tenure and Promotion Committee, and Greg served on the LGBT Concerns Committee.  


Affiliate Libraries.

Jorge visited IFAS Center libraries in Lake Alfred, Belle Glade and Homestead. He continued to train staff and help with cataloging there. Greg began working with the LGBT reading room as Liaison for Cataloging when they became an affiliate and assisted them as they began cataloging materials in Aleph.


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