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Social Science Unit
Annual Report 2003-2004

Although ALEPH implementation work was priority for staff in the Social Sciences Cataloging Unit, the cataloging workflow, despite many interruptions, stayed alive. One of our goals was to increase the number of catalog records for electronic resources in fy 04. We realized this goal, however slightly, from 199 (fy 03) to 204 (fy 04). We experienced another decrease in the total number of titles cataloged in all formats, overall, from 7,872 (fy 03 to 5,284 (fy 04), despite the addition of an Archivist to the unit last year but this was to be expected if the unit's goals were to be consistent with the Library's goal to implement ALEPH by May 2004. The new Archivist in the Unit spent much of his time training to do original cataloging for monographs which included supporting authority work. One of the objectives for adding the upgraded position to the unit was to increase the number of original cataloging records in the section, overall. This should remain one of our goals within the context of ALEPH and a host of other variables currently impacting the cataloging workflow.

Continued to support library-wide efforts for migration to ALEPH by reviewing full data load subsets (Gerald, Jackie H.)

Jackie Brown and Gerald Langford were ExLibris functional cataloging trainers

Attended regular meetings of the RS ALEPH Catalogers Training Group (Priscilla)

Continued training for Greg Allen on original and enhanced cataloging which included establishing authorities for NACO (Jackie Brown, Priscilla)

Continued as resource person for training new Sr. LTAs in CBS (Jackie B., Jackie H., Gerald & Priscilla)

Attended CATME presentation and training (unit)
Continued to monitor the progress of Connexion, OCLC's new cataloging interface (Jackie Brown)
Provided CATME document (OCLC's cataloging microenhancer) for CATPRO (Jackie Brown)

Continued to support organized monograph cataloging training in RS as needed (Jackie Brown, Monograph Training Team Coordinator)

Continued to support the RS Training Committee Roundtable
ETDs at UF (Gerald); NACO at UF (Priscilla); AACR2 Revisions 2002 (Betsy, Jimmie, Tatiana & Priscilla)

Cataloging Web sites
Conducted a training session for cataloging updating databases and Web sites for the Social Science Unit (Priscilla)

Authority/Data Quality Maintenance

Created guidelines for working with authorities in ALEPH (Gerald)
Presentation, Series Authority Work in ALEPH (Priscilla)
Presentation, Introduction to Authority Work in ALEPH (Gerald)

Continued authority/data quality maintenance (Gerald 75%; Jackie H. 15%)

Assisted with cleaning up author/names split files in LUIS after notification from other UF partitions, generating NACO work (Jackie H.)
Continued to work with Ballard list of misspelled words (Jackie H.)

Digital Projects
Provided authority work for Ringling Collection (Priscilla)

Continued to provide cataloging and maintenance for bibliographic records for PALMM collections in collaboration with the DLC

Systems Liaison
Systems Liaison Coordinator for RS; Systems liaison for the Social Science Unit; maintains RS Web pages (Greg)

National Level Cooperative Programs
Peter, again this year, contributed over half of the department's BIBCO records. He also contributed over half of the unit's NACO records.

Special Handling Cataloging

Jackie Heiland continued to catalog items needing special handling for the Florida History Collection

Continued to create original Judaica cataloging records using RLIN copy; assisted by Bob Singerman for language expertise (Jackie B. & Jackie H.)

Continued to work with Judaica outsourced items to complete cataloging for LUIS (Greg)

Worked on 900s call number assigning reclassification project (Greg, Gerald)

Begin processing of Florida Music Collection in Belknap (Peter)

Cataloging Liaisons
Priscilla coordinated a special meeting with Government Documents staff to assist with ALEPH cataloging issues (Priscilla, Jackie B., and Greg)

Library Wide Initiatives
Coordinated the assignment of LC call numbers for the Dewey 900s Reclassification Project which included verifying the accuracy of the LC call number and correcting formatting errors on an Excel spread sheet (Priscilla); assigned LC call numbers for the Dewey Biography Reclassification Project on an Excel spreadsheet (Greg, Gerald & Priscilla)

Attended Library updates (unit)


Resource Services Migration Group (Gerald)
Electronic Theses and Dissertations Committee (Gerald)
Resource Services Security and Personal Safety Committee, Facilitator (Gerald)
Monograph Copy Cataloging Committee (Jackie Brown, Co-chair; Gerald)
Resource Services Training Committee (Gerald, Jackie Brown)
Resource Services ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group (Gerald; Jackie Brown)
OCLC Connexion Task Group (Jackie Brown & Peter Bushnell, Co-chairs; Jackie Heiland, Greg)
CATME Circle (Jackie Brown, Greg)
Resource Services Unit Heads Meeting (Priscilla, Greg)


International Documents Librarian Search Committee, Member (Priscilla)

Microforms Task Group (Priscilla)

Links Monitoring and Maintenance Committee (Priscilla)

Co-chair, Authorities Subcommittee of the Technical Services Planning Committee (Priscilla)


University Senate (Priscilla)
University Senate Committee on Committees (Priscilla)

FLA Minority Librarians Recruitment Committee (Priscilla)

Attended Florida Library Association Annual Conference (Priscilla & Gerald)

Attended American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, 2003 (Priscilla)

Co-presenter of a poster session at the American Library Association Annual Conference, "Automated Reclassification in the 21st Cenrury" (Priscilla); Gerald & Greg also attended the conference

SALALM annual meeting (Peter)
Music Library Association (Peter)

Participated in RS cleanup day (unit)


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