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Contributed Cataloging Section
2001/2002 Annual Report

The following report highlights the section's progress with our FY02 Objectives

Develop ways to apply locally the library-wide objectives and balanced scorecard initiatives determined through the Libraries’ planning process
CC staff participated in library-wide meetings and discussions. Section faculty incorporated SMART-like goals into their annual assignments for FY03. CCMG plans to experiment with developing user-oriented measures for FY03 in keeping with the philosophy presented at the Culture of Assessment Workshop. Betsy Simpson serves as a member of the Libraries' Strategic Plan Implementation Team.

Participate in activities to migrate to a new library management system
Section staff led efforts to identify records for the test record file and support database clean-up efforts. Betsy Simpson and Jimmie Lundgren serve on the RS Migration Group. Jimmie and Betsy joined Suzanne Kiker in presenting an overview of ALEPH for the department per request of the RS Training Committee.

Assist with Library West building addition as needed
Priscilla Williams is a member of the Library West Collection Preparation Committee. A small group of other section staff contributed to work associated with the pilot reclass project.

Continue to catalog incoming materials in a timely fashion
A two year throughput study completed in June 2002 provides baseline figures to assess the timeliness of the section's cataloging operation:
Overall, 88% of the material distributed in the study was cataloged within two months of distribution; 93% within three months; 95% within four months. A small percentage of material remained uncataloged at the end of the study, a few months after distribution. As would be expected, shared copy with call numbers was cataloged at a faster rate than more difficult material - 91% within one month. Shared copy without call numbers was cataloged more slowly - 73% within one month. 0-OCLC, or original work, was 56% completed within one month of distribution.
The study only included material distributed to the section via the Copy Cataloging Unit. It was determined that many variables affect the speed with which material is cataloged (see Reasons impacting speed of throughput).

Annual statistics
Including all cataloging statistics reported through Contributed Cataloging for the subject teams, outsourcing, Preservation Department, Documents Department, SOLINET grant, Baldwin NEH grant, Baldwin NEFLIN grant, and LSTA Special Collections grant (minus microform analytic records and netLibrary records):
Cataloged 37,202 new titles including:
  • 16,018 original titles
  • 1,659 enhance/upgrade titles
  • 19,525 no change titles
Microform analytics
Loaded 3,294 microfiche analytic records and 456 microfilm analytic records.

A total of 27,327 netLibrary records are loaded in NOTIS.

We outsourced 404 Hebrew titles, 8 Arabic titles, and 1 Swahili title during FY02, for a total of 413 titles. OCLC TechPro handled 313 titles, and an independent cataloger, Joseph Galron, cataloged the remaining 100 titles.

Arrearage (as of 10/14/02)
413 arrearage titles were withdrawn or cataloged bringing the total arrearage count to 1370, down 23% from FY01.

ARREARAGE 2/96 6/97 6/98 7/99 7/00 6/01 10/02
Fine Arts 480 242 239 217 104 103 10
Humanities 1701 1287 934 903 467 395 230
LAC 4050 2806 2413 2049 1602 986 878
Science 1079 884 414 112 81 76 67
Social Science 2327 1963 1411 689 290 119 108
Microform no stat no stat 144 104 104 104 77
TOTAL 9637 7182 5555 4074 2648 1783 1370

The Uncataloged Collections Inventory was updated and is available in the Public Folders.

Promote collaborative efforts within the library, university, SUS, and beyond to provide access to electronic and other resources
Section staff created catalog records in LTQF to support local digitization efforts. Emilia Garcia continued to print and distribute records to appropriate units for cataloging as new links were announced, almost daily, by FCLA.

As a member of the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Committee, Gerald Langford provided input regarding the creation of computer generated catalog records for ETDs. He also analyzed the workflow as he completed the cataloging and added the records to OCLC in order to develop procedural documentation.

Science Unit staff members, including Jimmie Lundgren, Jorge Gonzalez, as well as Daniel Cromwell and Diana Hagan, who left the Libraries during FY02, collaborated with Phek Su and Howard Beck, R&D Director at the IFAS Office of Information Technologies, to automatically generate 2,565 catalog records for the documents in the IFAS EDIS database and contribute them to OCLC.

Many CC staff (Tatiana Barr, Jackie Brown, Peter Bushnell, Patricia Dana, Steve Fuquay, Jorge Gonzalez, Jackie Heiland, Randy Jewett, Yue Li, Beatriz Lugo, Jimmie Lundgren, Betsy Simpson, Priscilla Williams) were assigned to Digital Project Teams. Activity varied dramatically - some assignments, such as the NEH Baldwin grant and map-related digitization projects required significant input from CC team members. The digitization of archival collection material prompted discussions about authority control and led to the creation of selected name authority records. Most of the DLC assignments necessitated little or no activity on the part of CC staff.

In November the Digital Library Center presented, "Overview of Metadata and Markup," for the department. Following the presentation, a small group (Jackie Brown, Betsy Simpson, and Priscilla Williams) volunteered a few hours per week in the Digital Library Center for part of the year. The work involved creating structural metadata for agricultural material and performing quality control on images for Florida Architect. The goal was to see if this type of hands-on experience could serve as a vehicle for improving RS staff understanding of the workings of the Digital Library Center and better position us to contribute to discussions analyzing metadata description for various digitization projects.

Jimmie Lundgren and Betsy Simpson participated in the E-database Task Group, which began in fall 2000 and completed its report in fall 2001. The group was asked to review catalog coverage for all electronic resources and indexes and to recommend a structure to facilitate the efficient processing of electronic resources.

Following Dot Hope's thorough inventory of the Institute of Black Culture (IBC) collection in February 2002, Priscilla Williams, Betsy Simpson, and Dot met with IBC Director Stephen Roberts, and his assistant, Alma Johnson, to discuss the cataloging workflow for IBC material. Priscilla Williams assumed responsibility as the cataloging liaison to the IBC.

Maintain commitment to international cooperative programs
Submissions grew by 20% this year, bringing the total closer to FY00. 2,056 new and revised headings were reported for FY02. Increases in personal name and series authorities were due in part to work associated with the LSTA Rare Book grant and the NEH Baldwin grant.

37 subject headings were submitted and approved in FY02. 3 subject headings and 2 revisions submitted in previous fiscal years were approved as well. Other SACO news: Tatiana Barr assumed responsibility as SACO Coordinator in February following Daniel Cromwell's resignation. In keeping with Tatiana's initiative to raise the visibility of SACO, she began forwarding pertinent SACOLIST messages to the section in the spring. Tatiana reports that most of our SACO contributions are biological and zoological names (e.g., Luffa, Crested caracara) and place names, including many Florida places (e.g., Shark River Slough (Fla.)). Overall, the submissions are diverse as reflected in these FY02 headings: Dance cards, College students' writings, South African (English), and Humorists, Cuban.

Totals for BIBCO contributions this year exceeded all previous years. The average monthly submission was 164 records, a 9% increase from FY01, for a total of 1,973 records (1,455 full, 518 core).

AGRICOLA activities for FY02 were very minimal (48 titles), mainly due to the other higher priority assignments of Daniel Cromwell and Diana Hagan who had served as our primary catalogers in the area of agriculture. Near the end of the year we developed a plan to catch up on the past several years of UF agriculture theses and dissertations that needed subject headings and AGRICOLA coding with the help of a skilled part-time OPS worker, Jim Tillman.

Actively support the implementation of the department assessment process recommendations
CC staff participated in the implementation of the department assessment recommendations. Accomplishments are outlined at

Fulfill grant responsibilities including Baldwin NEH and NEFLIN grants, LSTA EAD grant, SOLINET 5 and 6 grants, and provide cataloging data for proposed grants
Tatiana Barr served as cataloging supervisor for the Baldwin NEH grant and Principal Investigator for the Baldwin NEFLIN grant. Thousands of titles were cataloged through these grants in FY02: NEFLIN 2608 shared, NEH 1659 shared, NEH 4247 original.

Betsy Simpson acted as a cataloging coordinator for FCLA's statewide LSTA Special Collections grant. 119 UF collections were cataloged in FY02.

Priscilla Williams coordinated CC's template cataloging for SOLINET 5 (the Slavery grant that resulted in more theology pamphlet cataloging).

CC was not needed to catalog for SOLINET 6, a grant to film college catalogs held by University Archives.

Steve Fuquay acted as cataloging trainer and advisor for the Special Collections LSTA Rare Books grant to enhance bibliographic records for rare books.

Investigate and employ automated methods for bibliographic record creation
Two significant projects involving automatic generation of catalog records worked on in FY02 were IFAS EDIS and ETD, both mentioned above.

Create and revise procedural documentation to assist with training and workflow needs
In addition to the following new procedures, section staff revised many other procedures.

Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: Atlases

Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: CD-ROMs

Cataloging for the Map and Imagery Library: Maps

Cataloging Guidelines for Florida History Liaison

Gift Material for Education Library

Local Treatment of Z Class Number

List of Most Commonly Used Macros Used in LUIS Cataloging

PURL Assignment for Cataloged Materials

Quick Checklist of PALMM Procedures

Complete analysis of FY01 cataloging throughput studies
Throughput study available at

Determine workflow for handling the Integrating Resources format
In keeping with the Library of Congress timeline, the Integrating Resources format wasn't implemented in FY02. It is scheduled to be implemented December 1, 2002.

Contribute to activities related to transitioning from OCLC Passport to OCLC's new cataloging interface
Peter Bushnell and Jackie Brown co-chaired the OCLC Connexion Task Group. Other CC staff on the task group include Greg Allen, Jackie Heiland, and Steve Fuquay.

Manage the Chinese record Pinyin conversion contracted through OCLC
We contracted with OCLC to provide us with converted records, including all available vernacular data. By early 2002 we received the converted record files and loaded them into LUIS. Yue Li and Stephen Chen are conducting a manual review of the records.

Identify outsourcing options for African language materials
Due to the difficulty in finding outsourcing avenues for African language material, Yue Li enlisted the help of faculty in the African Languages and Literature Department to identify the particular African languages of our uncataloged books. Yue hired two students to translate key information for the books in Yoruba and Amharic, paving the way for the section to catalog the books.

Monitor and support FCLA efforts to load UF’s records into RLIN
Test data loads for books format records were conducted in fall 2001. In April 2002 the production loads began. By the end of FY02, more than 500,000 records had been loaded into RLIN.

Work closely with Authorities Librarian to assess authority maintenance needs and provide authority data control
CC provides substantial support for the work of the Authority/Data Quality Unit. In fall 2001 Gerald Langford increased his assignment in this area from 35% to 75%. Jackie Heiland continues to devote 15% of her time to authority/data quality.

Personnel changes

  • Hired 1 Faculty (Yue Li)
  • Increased % assigned to Authority/Data Quality (Gerald Langford)
  • Assumed duties as Systems Liaison Coordinator (Greg Allen)
  • Assumed duties as RS Web site maintainer (Greg Allen)
  • Received Superior Accomplishment Award (Patricia Dana)
  • 1 Faculty resigned (Daniel Cromwell)
  • 1 Sr Archivist resigned (Diana Hagan)
  • Promoted 1 Archivist to Sr. Archivist (Jorge Gonzalez)
  • Hired 2 catalogers for FCLA's LSTA grant Enhanced Access to Special Collections in the Libraries of Florida's State Universities
  • Staff Exchange Program (Emilia Garcia)

Committee related work
Assessment Implementation Group (Tatiana Barr, Coordinator; Greg Allen)
OCLC Connexion Task Group (Peter Bushnell and Jackie Brown, Co-chairs; Greg Allen, Steve Fuquay, Jackie Heiland)
RS Migration Group (Betsy Simpson, Chair; Jimmie Lundgren)
RS Newsletter Four Floors (Beatriz Lugo, Co-Editor)
Security and Personal Safety Committee (Gerald Langford, Coordinator)
Training Committee (Diana Hagan, Chair; Jackie Brown, Jorge Gonzalez)

E-database Task Group (Betsy Simpson, Coordinator; Jimmie Lundgren)
Education Library Head Search Committee (Betsy Simpson, Chair)
Electronic Theses and Dissertations Committee (Gerald Langford)
FCLA LSTA Special Collections Cataloger Search Committee (Betsy Simpson, Chair)
Head of Special Collections and Area Studies Department Search Committee (Randy Jewett)
Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Librarian Search Committee (Priscilla Williams)
Library News Editorial Board (Jimmie Lundgren)
Library Freshman Orientation Tour Volunteer (Diana Hagan, Jimmie Lundgren)
Library West Collection Preparation Steering Committee (Priscilla Williams)
Links Monitoring and Maintenance Committee (Jimmie Lundgren, Co-chair; Priscilla Williams)
LSTA Rare Book Cataloger Search Committee (Steve Fuquay)
Monograph Copy Cataloging Committee (Jackie Brown, Co-chair)
MSL Triage Project Volunteer (Jimmie Lundgren)
Organizational Development Processes Planning Committee (Betsy Simpson)
Strategic Plan Implementation Team (Betsy Simpson)
Supper Club Steering Committee (Peter Bushnell)
Task Group to draft Libraries' response to the University's Presidential Task Force on the Future of the University
(Tatiana Barr, Betsy Simpson)
UF ALEPH Implementation Steering Committee (Betsy Simpson)

Commencement Marshall (Tatiana Barr, Jimmie Lundgren)
University Senate (Tatiana Barr, Priscilla Williams)

FLA Minority Librarians Recruitment Committee (Priscilla Williams)
FLA SUS Interest Group (Jimmie Lundgren, Leader)

ACRL AAMES Appointment Committee (Yue Li)
ACRL SEES Automated Bibliographic Control Committee (Tatiana Barr)
ACRL SEES Slavic Cataloging FAQ homepage (Tatiana Barr, Editor)
ALCTS Board of Directors (Jimmie Lundgren)
ALCTS CC:DA Task Force on the Specific Characteristics of Electronic Resources (Jimmie Lundgren)
ALCTS CRG (Jimmie Lundgren, Chair)
ALCTS CRG Affiliate Relations Committee (Tatiana Barr)
ALCTS CCS & MAGERT Map Cataloging Discussion Group (Diana Hagan, Chair)
ALCTS CCS Cataloging Norms Discussion Group (Tatiana Barr, Co-Vice Chair)
ALCTS CCS Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group (Betsy Simpson, Vice Chair)
ALCTS PARS Committee on Intellectual Access (Jimmie Lundgren)
GODORT Cataloging Committee (Priscilla Williams)
MOUG and MLA Mentor and Volunteer (Peter Bushnell)
PCC BIBCO Operations Committee (Jimmie Lundgren)
PCC NACO Regional Trainer (Priscilla Williams)
PCC Standing Committee on Standards (Tatiana Barr)
SALALM Annual Conference Rapporteur (Peter Bushnell)

Prepared byBetsy Simpson, October 16, 2002
Last Updated:  October 8, 2003



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