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Contributed Cataloging Section FY04 Annual Report

The Contributed Cataloging Section did an outstanding job accomplishing the year's objectives. The staff successfully completed the migration to Aleph - a tremendous feat by itself - while participating in numerous reclassification projects, incorporating CatME software into the workflow, and continuing to catalog incoming material even during the NOTIS freeze.

Contributed Cataloging Section FY04 Objectives

Lead Aleph cataloging implementation activities
Contributed to:

TS Aleph Implementation Group
UF Aleph Steering Committee
UF Aleph Migration presentation at FCLA Joint Meeting
ALE 201 Introduction to Functional Training

Participate in dataload reviews

  • Reviewed Subset Load 4, Full Load 2, Subset Load 5, and Full Load STP and submitted numerous problem reports
  • Assisted with stress testing

Establish cataloging curriculum and provide training

  • Cataloging Trainers Group planned training program
  • Delivered the following classes:
         Cat 101: Introduction to the Bibliographic, Item, and HOL Records
         Cat 102: Intermediate Holdings and Items and Provisional Records
         Cat 103: Advanced Copy Cataloging
         Cat 104: Introduction to Aleph Original Cataloging and CatME
         HOL 101: Introduction to MARC Holdings
         HOL 102: Introduction to Serial Holdings
  • Met frequently post-STP to resolve outstanding issues
  • Created mechanisms for sharing Aleph cataloging information among staff involved in cataloging librarywide
         Aleph Catalogers FAQ
         Aleph Catalogers e-mail list (

Adapt workflow to improve effectiveness

  • Collaborated with other functional areas both informally and formally through the TS Aleph Implementation Group, UF Aleph Steering Committee, and Cataloging Trainers Group
  • Coordinated NOTIS freeze cataloging activities
    Cataloging procedure
    Guideline for staff outside Resource Services
  • Worked closely with FCLA to customize Aleph to meet local needs (e.g., Check Record, HOL defaults, diacritics, templates, search menus)

Create procedural documentation

  • HOL Local Input Standard
  • Items and Holdings Guide
  • Authority Checking in Aleph
  • Record Deletion Guide
  • Item Process Status Guide
  • and maintained Aleph at UF Web guide
  • Launched AlephPro and began the conversion of CatPro

Incorporate CatME and Connexion software into workflow

Provide cataloging support for Digital Library Center
       Develop brief catalog record guideline for locally digitized material

       Hold department meeting to review and discuss activities to date

       Respond promptly to DLC requests for cataloging and input

  • Provided cataloging as needed

       Evaluate workflow for PALMM projects

  • Planned for LTQF changes

Collaborate with Collection Management and Special and Area Studies Collections
       Update Cataloging Priorities Policy

  • Revised policy

       Assess use of Uncataloged Collections Inventory

  • Completed 2003 update - see Public Folders/Uncataloged Inventory
  • (in early FY05) Will discuss various topics, including the inventory, at Collection Management Department meeting

       Build on ideas discussed at ARL's Exposing Hidden Collections Conference

  • Coordinated a librarywide open forum re. the conference with Special Collections staff
  • Met with Head of Special and Area Studies Collections to discuss inventorying and cataloging hidden collections

       Examine and develop use of collection level records

  • Discussed collection level records with curators

       Complete research project re. cataloging of locally created History Web sites

  • Project delayed because of problems with the LiveStats program
  • (in early FY05) Contacted Systems to provide hit counts via the Web Server

Evaluate workflow changes resulting from position upgrades and gauge effect on cataloging productivity
Documented the following changes in ALA 2004 Annual poster session "The New Face of Cataloging"

Support reclassification efforts

Review and document process for handling e-book record loads

Implement workflow for cataloging consortial databases

FY04 Unit Annual Reports
Science Unit
Social Sciences Unit
Special Collections/Architecture and Fine Arts/Humanities Unit
Copy Cataloging Unit
Authorities Activities

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson


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