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Contributed Cataloging Section
1999/2000 Annual Report
The Contributed Cataloging Section participated fully in the work of the department as evidenced by increases in original cataloging output, cooperative program submissions, and arrearage reduction.  Under Jimmie's leadership, we engaged in statewide discussions regarding cataloging access to locally digitized collections and helped to generate library wide consideration and membership in CORC.  We completed a thorough review of our uncataloged inventory through consultation with collection managers throughout the library.  We provided significant cataloging support for the Victorian theology pamphlet and USAIN grants and supported efforts to apply for new grant opportunities. In spite of changes in section management and renovation woes, we were able to accomplish much work and maintain a cooperative spirit.  2/3 of eligible section staff joined RS Assessment Working Groups.  4 served as facilitators of their groups.  Included below is a list of all committee work, which shows the variety of assignments and participation at the local, state, and national levels.  

Cataloging Statistics

  • 41% increase in Original Cataloging over previous year
  • 19% decrease in non-Original work (No Change and Enhance/Upgrade)
  • 4% decrease overall (20163 in FY99, 19286 in FY00)
  • 130% increase in cartographic cataloging (335 in FY99, 771 in FY00)
The decline in incoming receipts affected totals for the year shifting the focus to more original work not dependent on CBS receipts including maps, geographic cds, selected atlases, planning documents, arrearage materials, selected microform, selected Florida History books, rare books, Baldwin books, and Internet resources.
  • 48% decrease in arrearage for Fine Arts, Humanities, Science, and Social Science materials (2025 to 1046)
  • CM review virtually completed (approximately 80 Scafah titles still unreviewed)
  • completed thorough review of uncataloged inventory
  • made inventory accessible in Outlook Public Folders/Uncataloged Inventory
Cooperative Programs

Procedural Documentation

  • Cataloging Foreign Vendor and Foreign Library Monographic Copy
  • Charge/Discharge Procedure
  • Keyboard Mapping and Poppads
  • Original Cataloging Guide for Video Recordings
  • Original (FUG) Monograph Cataloging Guidelines
  • Photocopy Cataloging of UMI Theses and Dissertations - A Pilot Project
  • Rare Books Cataloging Procedure (Remote Cataloging)
  • Series Authority Verification
  • Shared Cataloging Procedure for Monographs
  • 6XX Fields in Shared Cataloging Copy
 Digital Developments
  • CC played a significant role in developing cataloging guidelines for accessing locally digitized resources through LTQF with Jimmie as Co-Chair of CAGER.
  • CC was instrumental in initiating library-wide discussion of CORC under Jimmie's leadership.
Microform Analytics
  • ordered 22,830 records

  • loaded 18,600 records

  • created inventory of UF owned OCLC analytic sets

  • created detailed list of all available OCLC analytics to assist with selection decisions

Grant work
  • completed cataloging for 4000+ Victorian theology pamphlets on schedule in spring 2000

  • made significant contribution to cataloging of USAIN materials and trained and supervised USAIN cataloging staff

Special Collections
  • reclassified and recataloged Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings fiction collection for improved accessed
  • achieved and maintained monthly cataloging goal of 50 titles in conjunction with the Copy Cataloging Unit
  • established a process for cataloging all rare Florida History titles (18 titles cataloged FY00)
Other Activities
  • Outsourcing: contracted with OCLC TechPro to catalog 43 Chinese and 7 Japanese titles with vernacular and 36 Arabic and 15 Hebrew titles
  • CJK: installed NT computer in RS to test vernacular CJK in LUIS environment using OCLC's CJK software
  • IFAS: acted as cataloging consultant for IFAS research centers; participated in field visit to the IFAS center in Apopka
  • Coastal Archives: acted as cataloging consultant and participated in planning sessions to retrospectively convert Coastal Archives library collection
  • Electronic theses: continued to contribute to the development of optimal cataloging access to electronic theses
  • Bishop Study Center of Harn Museum: participated in discussions to establish a contractual relationship and provide consultation regarding automating and cataloging their library collection
  • RS Reference Collection: began an in-depth review of collection, withdrew hundreds of volumes and placed orders for new foreign language dictionaries and other resources
Personnel Changes
  • combined 2 .5 FTE positions to create 1 fulltime Sr. LTA position in Scafah
  • received 1 fulltime Archivist position from CBS
  • allotted .4 FTE to authority maintenance work
  • managed by Acting Associate Chair and Acting Social Sciences Unit Head for approximately 9 months
  • new Scafah Unit Head appointed in August 1999
  • new Associate Chair and Social Sciences Unit Head appointed in May 2000
Committee Work

RS Assessment Working Group for Communications (Tatiana, Priscilla)
RS Assessment Working Group for Electronic Formats (Jimmie, Diana)
RS Assessment Working Group for Equipment (Gerald (Co-Facilitator), Diana (Co-Facilitator))
RS Assessment Working Group for Hiring (Jorge, Louise)
RS Assessment Working Group for Morale (Daniel, Facilitator)
RS Assessment Working Group for Pay/Incentives (Jorge, Co-Facilitator)
RS Assessment Working Group for Physical Surroundings (Gerald, Facilitator)
RS Assessment Working Group for Systems Liaisons (Steve, Randy, Diana, Greg)
RS Assessment Working Group for Training (Jorge, Diana (Facilitator), Tatiana, Jackie B.)

    Ad-hoc Systems Liaison Training Committee (Diana)
    Humanities/Special Collections Cataloging Unit Head Search Committee (Betsy, Chair)
    Links Monitoring and Maintenance Committee (Daniel, Jimmie, Priscilla)
    Library News Editorial Board (Jimmie)
    Monograph Copy Cataloging Committee (Daniel (Chair), Jackie B.)
    MSL Evening Electronics Coordinator Search Committee (Jimmie)
    Public Information Officer Search Committee (Betsy, Chair)
    Reporter, ACRL Florida Chapter Newsletter (Betsy)
    Serials Acquisition Unit as Head Search Committee (Daniel)
    Staff Awards Committee (Betsy)
    Supper Club (Peter)
    Sustained Performance Review Committee (Yael)
    Tenure and Promotion Committee (Yael)  

    Electronic Theses and Dissertations Committee (Gerald)
    Mentor, Minority Mentor Program (Priscilla)
    University Commencement Committee and graduation marshal (Jimmie)  

    Catalyst Testing Group (Gerald)
    FLA Minority Librarian Recruitment Committee (Priscilla, Vice Chair/Chair Elect)
    SUS Committee for Cataloging and Access of Electronic Resources (Jimmie, Co-Chair)  

ACRL EBSS Ad-hoc Test Collections Directory Committee (Betsy)
ACRL EBSS Psychology/Psychiatry Committee (Betsy)
ALCTS CRG Speakers Bureau Committee (Jimmie, Chair)
MOUG (Music OCLC User's Group) Program Committee (Peter)
NMRT Footnotes Committee (Betsy, Editor)
NMRT Liaison to FLA (Priscilla)
NMRT Liaison to LITA (Daniel)
NMRT Member Services Director (Jimmie)
NMRT Membership Meeting and Program Committee (Daniel)
NMRT Mentor (Betsy)
NMRT Minorities Recruitment Committee (Priscilla, Daniel)
NMRT Students to ALA Committee (Daniel)
NOTIS Music Users Group (Peter)
PCC Task Group on PCC Training and Participant Documentation (Betsy, Co-Chair)
SALAAM Subcommittee on Cataloging and Bibliographic Technology (Peter)
SALAAM Subcommittee on National-Level Cooperation (Peter)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpsom
Last updated: March 21, 2002


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