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Science Cataloging Unit Annual Report for 2003/2004

Progress on the five top goals for 2003/2004

1. Actively support Aleph implementation through data review, training, learning, planning, and adapting workflow as needed throughout the year. Jorge Gonzalez as a top-level trainer co-taught CAT 104 with Jackie Brown. He and Jimmie Lundgren also participated in the Cataloging Trainers group, which met throughout the year and worked on planning of the overall Aleph training program and development of new workflows. Jimmie helped to coordinate the freeze cataloging effort in CatME. Jimmie served on the RS Migration Planning Committee. All Science Cataloging Unit staff reviewed data loads prior to implementation and has worked hard to master use of the Aleph system for their cataloging activities. Jorge worked with the MacroExpress task group to begin exploring possibilities for using it to improve our efficiency. Marcia began serving on as task group for items.

2. Learn to utilize CatME and Connexion and stop using Passport for OCLC by end of 2003. Jimmie and Jorge worked with the CatME Circle group to plan and carry out training in the use of CatME that successfully led to its full adoption for original cataloging and its use in combination with Connexion for shared cataloging work. Susan also became skilled in use of CatME.

3. Support digital access to resources by promptly completing cataloging for digitized books and maps that have become available electronically in the PALMM Project by the DLC as well as other electronic resources selected in our subject areas. We continue to catalog these materials, although our progress on this goal was impeded by the reduction of staff and diversion of effort towards Aleph implementation. Jorge and Jimmie also consulted frequently with DLC on digitization and metadata for Sanborn maps, the Ephemeral Cities Project and other antique maps. Jorge gave presentations on the Sanborn Maps and on PALMM cataloging procedures.

4. Complete the remaining titles in our current monograph arrearage (ca. 30 titles), and those remaining from the Southwest Florida Water Management District. All but 7 of the arrearage titles have been completed. All of the Southwest Florida Water Management District titles were completed with many done by Emilia in the last few months before she retired.

5. Adjust to Emilia Garcia's retirement at the end of October by critically assessing work priorities and meeting them as well as possible in her absence, then hiring and training a new unit member when permitted. We were happy that Jim Tillman came to help us almost 1/2 time from late Nov. until early Feb when he began work on the reclass project and then worked in our unit about 1/5 time until leaving March 9. We hired Marcia Martin as our new Archivist and she began June 11. She has been making excellent progress in learning her new duties cataloging science books since that time.
Other notable activities include: participation in the reclassification project; attendance at FLA and ALA annual meetings by both Jorge and Jimmie (including a poster presentation on "Problems with Places in Library Catalogs") and at ALA Midwinter by Jimmie; teaching of lessons in Class Web by Susan; Jorge's completion of his Geography bachelor's degree; Jorge made several training trips to IFAS centers; the entire unit learned to use PeopleSoft for submitting and approving leave.

Prepared by: Jimmie Lundgren


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