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SACO Annual Report


The University of Florida continued to provide strong support for the Subject Authorities component of the Program for Contributed Cataloging during the 2005/2006 fiscal year coordinated by Tatiana Barr. According to the PCC Statistics tables we contributed 32 new Library of Congress Subject Headings and 6 changes this year. While our contributions to SACO in July 2005 were only 3 changes, cumulative total changes between July and the end of fiscal year indicate 17 new topics were submitted in the first quarter of the fiscal year. The tables also show that between Oct. 1, 2005 and Mar. 31, 2006 UF submitted 13 new topics and 3 changes but were inactive during final last quarter. Two of the new headings of local interest were: Alice, Lake (Alachua County, Fla.) and J. Wayne Reitz Union (Gainesville, Fla.) Upon Tatiana’s departure in August the coordination of UF SACO participation returned to Jimmie Lundgren who also serves as SACO Mentor for the Southern U.S.

Prepared by Jimmie Lundgren




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