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SACO Annual Report


The following new subjects for the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) were approved during July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.


Amelia River (Fla.) from Hank Young

Grandin, Lake (Fla.) from Greg Allen

Parque Nacional Coiba (Panama) from Jorge Gonzalez

Parque Nacional Galapagos (Ecuador) from Susan Constantineau

Punta del Diablo (Uruguay) from Susan Duser

Saint Augustine Inlet (Fla.) from Hank Young


The following has been scheduled for review by LC.


Manatee Springs State Park (Fla.) from Susan Duser


The following and others have been suggested and are being researched towards submission.


Babbler State Park (Mo.) from Susan Duser

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park from Randy Jewett

College students’ writings, Puerto Rican from Peter Bushnell

Colombianists from Peter Bushnell

Corkscrew Swamp (Fla.) from Susan Constantineau

Dramatists, Dominican from Peter Bushnell

Great green macaw from Susan Constantineau

Prisoners writings, Puerto Rican from Peter Bushnell

Travelers writings, Honduran from Peter Bushnell



The SACO Coordinator also participated in the Subject Authority Cooperative Program of the Library of Congress, Program for Cooperative Cataloging by attending SACO-at-Large meetings at ALA in January 2012 in Dallas, Texas and in June 2012 in Anaheim, California. She also serves as a SACO Mentor for the South and consulted with several Florida librarians on their successful proposals.  


August 21, 2012 by Jimmie Lundgren, SACO Coordinator






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