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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Serials Team Highlights 2011/2012

We had over 390 CONSER contributions for the UF fiscal year. This includes 274 original or upgraded records, and maintenance performed on 116 records. This drop from last year is due to a number of factors, including the reallocation of serials personnel to other projects, and increases in local catalog maintenance. Because of the differences in the local and the CONSER fiscal years, we will meet  our expected contributions of 400 for the CONSER fiscal year.

This year, serials team members took on the responsibility of standing-order adds, previously performed by the Acquisitions Department. We eliminated a substantial backlog of adds through the concentrated effort of the serials team and some additional volunteers.

Many of this year's projects were continued from the previous year. We completed the Education periodicals reclassification project. We continue to catalog new subject guides as they are created, and perform maintenance on Guides@UF records when they change scope or responsible faculty.

We continued our support for the Statewide Storage Facility by meeting regularly with the statewide storage committee, refining policies and workflows related to serials and other continuing resources.  Naomi also served on the Condition Assessment Task Force to determine how the physical condition of items would be noted in the HOL record.

A subgroup of our CONSER original catalogers (Jackie Brown, Susan Constantineau, Patricia Dana, and Béatriz Lugo) completed the creation or upgrade of UF’s share of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)  records for CONSER’s DOAJ pilot project. We have committed to complete CONSER records for 20 additional titles during calendar year 2012.

Naomi was active in coordinating our migration to the shared bibliographic environment in Aleph. She gave a brief talk at the January 2012 statewide kick-off meeting, has helped draft standards for editing and merging continuing-resource records, and moderated the SERCLIENT-L list for cooperative continuing resource management among the State University Libraries.

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