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Authorities & Metadata Quality Unit


Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit

Goals & Objectives


Goals & Objectives

Catalog material for the High Density Storage Facility


  • Continue to support the StoDocs Cataloging Project (Terri)


Implement Shared Bib in summer 2012 and begin using


  • Complete work on the Counts by bib tag error report with OPS help (Jane Anne and Priscilla)

  • Participate in authority control maintenance in the shared bib environment  (Priscilla, Jane Anne and Gerald)

  • Serve on regional committees and task groups

               TSPC Authorities Subcommittee


  • Complete review of additional 019/035 fields UF bibs in Shared bib (Terri)

  • Complete review of unresolved files from OCLC reclamation project  (Jane Anne)      

  • Complete loading of the backlog of ebook records, primarily EEBO (Gerald & Priscilla)


  • Work with FLVC and the TSPC Authorities Subcommittee to refine the Aleph Arrow authority reports (Gerald & Priscilla)


  • Contribute  to the development of authority control maintenance guidelines in shared bib (Priscilla, Gerald & Jane Anne)


  • Share in the maintenance of the SUL shared bib catalog using authority reports generated by FLVC using the LC authority file updates for names (Priscilla), series (Jane Anne) and subjects (Gerald) 


  • Load records with added table of contents  (Gerald)

  • Coordinate the cataloging of UF electronic theses/dissertations and serve on the Electronic Theses and    

       Dissertations Working Group (Gerald)

Prepare for and implement Resource Description and Access (RDA) in spring 2013 and begin using


  • Coordinate PCC RDA and NACO training for the Dept. and the Florida NACO Funnel (Priscilla)

  • Take classes in RDA cataloging and authorities and start using (Jane Anne, Gerald, Terri & Priscilla)


Provide support for branch collection moves and weeding


  • Complete Journalism and Music collection withdrawals and transfers (Terri, Gerald & Priscilla)




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