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Authorities & Metadata Quality Unit

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit

Goals & Objectives


Goals & Objectives

Cataloging Initiatives

  • Support the StoDocs Cataloging Project (a, b ,c) (Terri)

Statewide Efforts

  • Complete work on the Counts by bib tag error report with OPS help (c) (Jane Anne and Priscilla)
  • Promote Florida NACO Funnel.  Provide training: FIU, June 11, 2010; Jacksonville Public Library, July 26-30, 2010 (b, c) (Priscilla)
  • Serve on regional committees and task groups

Advisory Group on Statewide Standards for MARC Records (b)

TSPC Authorities Subcommittee (b)


WorldCat Improvements

  • Complete review of unresolved files from OCLC reclamation project (b,c) (Jane Anne)


Workflow Management

  • Complete loading of the backlog of ebook records, primarily EEBO (c) Gerald
  • Complete loading the backlog of records for UF ETDs to OCLC (c) (Gerald)
  • Manage changes due to IT Project Coordinator resignation (a) (Jane Anne)
  • Serve on local committees and task groups

Acq-Cat Offsite Facility Task Group (a)

Affiliated Libraries Taskforce (b) 

Advisory Group for Research Services and Scholarly Resources (b)  


Continuing Responsibilities


Cataloging Initiatives

  • Support Dewey reclassification projects (c) (Terri & unit)

Statewide Efforts

  • Work with FCLA and the TSPC Authorities Subcommittee to refine the Aleph   

                    Arrow authority reports (b, c) (Gerald, & Priscilla)

  • Support the work of the Single Bibliographic Record Task Force (a,b,c) (unit)

Workflow Management

  • Maintain the UF Libraries catalog using the Aleph Arrow authority reports generated by FCLA using the LC authority file updates for names (Priscilla), series (Jane Anne) and subjects (Gerald) (b, c)
  • Load regular updates to GPO MARCIVE records (c) (Gerald)
  • Work on eliminating the backlog of bib heading changes for subjects and names using NOTIS reports (c) (Gerald; students)
  • Delete SARs in the UFU10 ALEPH local authority file that match the LC treatment; monitor the linkage to the LC Prod file (c)  (Priscilla, Gerald &

                   Jane Anne)

  • Monitor updates and coding corrections to CSUL Aleph authority resource file to help maintain authority structure for all headings used in the UF catalog

            (Priscilla, Gerald & Jane Anne)

  • Act as liaison to Library West and Special and Area Studies Collections Department (b) (Priscilla & Jane Anne)
  • Load records with added table of contents  (c) (Gerald)
  • Load microform analytics (c) (Gerald)
  • Coordinate the cataloging of UF electronic theses/dissertations (c) (Gerald)
  • Continue participation in CATMET cleanup day (a) (unit)
  • Serve on local committees and task groups

Electronic Theses and Dissertations Working Group

Professional Development Travel Committee

Convocation Planning Committee


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