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HIGHLIGHTS 2012-2013

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit


Completed PCC RDA and NACO, NACO series Bridge and RDA bibliographic training modules (The Unit)


Coordinated in-house RDA bibliographic cataloging training (Jane Anne Carey)


Coordinated in-house PCC RDA and NACO online training (Priscilla)  


Continued to maintain the UF Libraries catalog using the Aleph Arrow authority reports generated by FCLA using the LC authority file updates for names (Priscilla), series (Jane Anne) and subjects (Gerald), making corrections in the database associated with relevant changes to authoritative headings that link to bib records in Aleph


Began to maintain authorized access points in the SUL Shared Bib catalog after the merge (Priscilla & Gerald)   


Continued to review unresolved files from OCLC reclamation project (Jane Anne)


Reviewed unresolved UF 019/035 bib files from OCLC reclamation project (Terri)  


Continue to work with MSL withdrawal project as a result of science weeding project (on-going) (Terri)      


Continued to work on the Counts by bib tag error report in support of single bib (Jane Anne)


Continued to review name and series authority records for Florida NACO Funnel participants. Jacksonville Public Library, FSU, FIU (Priscilla)


Continued to use the Aleph GenLoad loader to batchload MARC records for e-resources (Gerald)


Created/revised GenLoad profiles used by Electronic Resources Unit staff to load MARC records for e-resources (Gerald)


Coordinated the cataloging of UF electronic theses/dissertations (ETDs) (Gerald)


Continued to work with the Government Documents StoDocs Cataloging Project (Terri)


Worked on batch holding/item record changes in Aleph for Journalism, Music and AFA materials (Gerald) 


Worked on Music and Journalism reclassification project (Terri)


Batchloading Summary:

Title counts of records batchloaded in Aleph by the unit can be accessed @ EResource Title Count. Ebook record sets loaded or updated: Knovel, IEEE-Wiley Xplore, NCCO (Nineteenth Century Collections Online), Sage eReference, Springer e-books; Streaming video record sets loaded or updated: Counseling & Therapy in Video, Henry Stewart Talks


Authority/Data Quality Maintenance

Coordinated and assisted in the review and submission of 957 NACO contributions with the assistance of the backup NACO coordinator, Peter Bushnell

Coordinated the submission of 688 BIBCO contributions (Jane Anne)

Continued participation in the Library of Congress ECIP Program (Jane Anne) 




Trained student volunteer to perform database maintenance to update name and subject headings working with Arrow reports (Gerald)



Cataloging & Metadata Dept.

CATMET Managers Group (Priscilla & Jane Anne)


Smathers Libraries

Access Support and Circulation Discussion Group (through Feb. 2013) (Gerald)

Electronic Resources Management Advisory Group (March 2013 on) (Gerald)

Professional Development Travel Committee (Jane Anne)

Convocation Planning Committee (Priscilla)

Acq-Cat Offsite Facility Task Group (Jane Anne)



ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) Committee (Gerald)



SUL Authorities Subcommittee of Technical Services Planning Committee (Priscilla; co-chair)

Advisory Group on Statewide Standards for MARC Records (Jane Anne)

Vendor Record Loading Task Force (SUL) (Gerald)



American Library Association, Annual & Midwinter (Jane Anne)

ALCTS CCS Catalog Management Interest Group (Jane Anne; Chair)

ALCTS CCS Cataloging Children’s Materials Committee (Jane Anne)


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