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HIGHLIGHTS 2006-2007

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit


The Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit participated in the training of the new Digital Projects Metadata Librarian, Haiyun Cao.  The unit continued to work extensively with FCLA and the SUL Authorities Subcommittee towards having a fully updated LC authority file in Aleph.  The file is current for subjects and series but not names.  A purchased new and current LC names file will be implemented in Aleph to coincide with the re-indexing that will take place after all of the SULs have migrated to version 18 by the middle of fall 2007.


Nancy continued to work with cleanup associated with series authority update loads sending reports about relevant changes to the SULs. Gerald continued to use UNF’s Angela Randtke’s macros and programs to assist Nancy with the cleanup.  Gerald spent a great deal of his time using the Aleph GenLoad loader to batchload MARC records for e-resources and for government documents (MARCIVE).  He also worked a weekly shift at the Library West Information Point.


Gerald and Haiyun did the initial checking of catalog records for UF electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs).  This usually included verification of the correct restrictions on access to the ETDs.  Jackie H. worked with a large backlog to contribute records for ETDs to OCLC.   


The unit was able to shift some of their batchloading responsibilities this year. Gerald, Jackie and Haiyun were responsible for batchloading the records for Books 24X7 and Serials Solutions.  In May, Jackie, who continued her 0.30 FTE in the unit, trained staff in the Electronic Resources Unit to take over the loading of the Books24X7records using the Aleph GenLoad loader.  By shifting the loading Jackie freed up some time to continue the much needed work on the backlog of subject heading updating/correction using the old NOTIS reports.  She also continued to work with correcting typos from the Ballard misspellings list. Two weeks later Gerald trained the Electronic Resources Unit staff to load new/updated Serials Solutions records and to delete outdated ones.


As the CATMET liaison to the Digital Library Center Haiyun made great strides towards documenting the DLC workflow and contributing new and revised documentation to the Cataloging and Metadata Department’s web page (see DLC-CatMet Workflows).  The documentation assists with tracking and prioritizing DLC projects with cataloging components.    


Batchloading Summary:

We keep track of the number of records loaded in ALEPH in the batchloads spreadsheet @ Batchloads Spreadsheet, 2004- 


Authority/Data Quality Maintenance

Coordinated the review and submission of 1,911 NACO contributions; compiled and reported monthly statistics @ UF and NACO (Priscilla)

Coordinated the submission of 944 BIBCO contributions; compiled and reported monthly statistics for BIBCO both local and national @ UF and BIBCO (Priscilla)


Conducted 5-day NACO training workshop, FSU, October 2006 (Priscilla)


Continued to work on copying into the local ALEPH authority file (UFU10) the latest version of series authority records (SARs) needed to be kept in the file due to different LC/UF series treatment practice.  Continued to annotate the SAR with appropriate information including the addition of the note "(FU)Retain in UFU10 [date] series".  Along with the series we treat differently these SARs include series with some numbers classed together in Dewey, and ones with order information on a serial record. (Nancy, Gerald & Priscilla)


Continued the deletion of series in the UFU10 ALEPH authority file that match the LC treatment and monitored the linkage to the LC Prod file. (Nancy, Gerald & Priscilla)


Continued to correct split files that occurred due to the lack of |n and |p on some of the series tracings on the bibliographic records. (Nancy)


Continued to use the NOTIS k490 search to retrieve and trace many series that were not traced prior to 1981 by LC. This provided a better indication of our holdings on series titles that would be traced if we processed any current receipts in the series.  Also corrected numbering designations on numbered series to improve order of listings in the Brief Records index. (Nancy)


Continued to transfer series treatment information from serial records to series authority records (Gerald & Priscilla)


Attended monthly TS ALEPH Implementation Group meetings (Priscilla, Gerald & Nancy)


Outsourced - Foreign Languages - OCLC TechPro

Cataloging for 50 Hebrew and Arabic titles including some Hebrew maps (complete)



Trained Haiyun to use GenLoad (Gerald)


Committee/Conference Participation

Cataloging & Metadata Dept.

TS Aleph Implementation Group (Priscilla & Gerald)

CATMET Managers Group (Priscilla)


UFCC Committee (Priscilla)

Travel Committee (Priscilla)

Sabbatical Committee (Priscilla)

SUL Authorities Subcommittee of Technical Services Planning Committee (Priscilla; co-chair)

SUL Authorities Meeting (Nov. 2-3, 2006) (Priscilla, Nancy, Gerald, Haiyun)

Electronic Resource Management Committee (Haiyun)

Digital Projects Technology Librarian Search Committee (Haiyun)


ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) Committee (Gerald)


Florida Library Association (Haiyun, Gerald) 


American Library Association, Midwinter (Priscilla & Haiyun)

American Library Association, Annual (Priscilla)


Participated in RS cleanup day (unit)



Nancy Williams completed phased retirement.  She was bestowed Emeritus status for her distinguished and meritorious service to the Libraries since 1971.

Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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