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HIGHLIGHTS 2007-2008

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit


The Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit participated in the planning to migrate Database Maintenance Unit activities to the Authorities Unit, including the transfer of the Library Associate I and Library faculty positions.  The changes were necessary due to library faculty retirement.  A search was launched to fill the vacancy in the unit but due to budget cuts the search was suspended before any interviews were conducted.


Unfortunately, Haiyun Cao did not return to her position as Digital Projects Metadata Librarian after giving birth to a new baby girl in July.  Due to circumstances she resigned effective August 29, 2007 to move her family back to Canada.  Priscilla collaborated with the Digital Library Center during Haiyun’s maternity leave and briefly after her resignation.  Due to the budget crisis and the need to postpone a search for a replacement the position was transitioned to the Science and Social Sciences Cataloging Unit and the duties absorbed.     


Gerald and Priscilla continued to work with FCLA and the SUL Authorities Subcommittee on indexing review for the authority files in Aleph in Dev 18 in preparation for re-indexing in FY09. The LC authority file remains current only for subjects and series but not names.  Aleph bib records will be linked to a newly purchased,  current LC authority file to coincide with the re-indexing that will take place.


Priscilla and Gerald continued to work with the NOTIS subject and series authority update reports for UF making corrections in the database associated with relevant changes to headings that link to bibs.  Gerald continued to spend a great deal of his time using the Aleph GenLoad loader to batchload MARC records for government documents and other e-resources.  There was a substantial backlog of government documents records needing to be loaded.  These record loads are now up-to-date. Gerald continued to do initial cleanup, using Angela Randtke’s programs and macros, following FCLA loads of weekly updates of LC series and subject authority records. (FCLA took over this task in October 2007.)


The unit acquired an additional 0.30 FTE (Randy Jewett from the Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit) to assist with catalog maintenance and batchloading responsibilities.  Randy is currently working with the backlog of Library of Congress Subject Authority file updates using NOTIS reports to make changes to the bib records in the catalog.  In March, Jackie, who continued her 0.30 FTE in the unit, trained Randy to work with the NOTIS authority reports.  Some of the batchloading responsibility has been shifted to the Electronic Resources Unit. As a result, Jackie’s time is spent loading a backlog of Bib Notification records, now using a macro.


Priscilla and Terri (with assistance from the other unit member) collaborated with Jason on configuring the AFA reclass report for items classed in Dewey 000-699 for the pilot project. Unit members verified LC call numbers for the monographic items to be reclassed in the spreadsheet and assigned call numbers as appropriate. Terri produced the needed labels.


Completed project to reclass British Parliament documents (Terri)


Contributed a procedure for withdrawing monographs and serials in Aleph to AlephPro (Terri) 


Trained Delonda in Preservation on withdrawals in the brittle books project (Terri)


Nancy Williams, Librarian Emeritus, continued her service to the Libraries by coming in several days to consult with Priscilla.  Her insight into the world of authority control, regardless of cataloging system, makes her consulting work in the Unit priceless.     


Batchloading Summary:


We keep track of the number of records loaded in ALEPH in the batchloads spreadsheet @ Batchloads Spreadsheet, 2004- 


Authority/Data Quality Maintenance

Coordinated the review and submission of 1,684 NACO contributions with the assistance of Peter Bushnell and Nancy Poehlmann; compiled and reported monthly statistics @ UF and NACO (Priscilla)


Coordinated the submission of 857 BIBCO contributions; compiled and reported monthly statistics for BIBCO both local and national @ UF and BIBCO (Priscilla)


Conducted in-house NACO personal name training review with Peter Bushnell, November 2007 (Priscilla)


Conducted review: “Authority Work in Aleph after the passing of LUIS” (Gerald & Priscilla)   


Continued to work on copying into the local ALEPH authority file (UFU10) the latest version of series authority records (SARs) needed to be kept in the file due to different LC/UF series treatment practice.  Continued to annotate the SAR with appropriate information including the addition of the note "(FU)Retain in UFU10 [date] series".  Along with the series we treat differently these SARs include series with some numbers classed together in Dewey, and ones with order information on a serial record. (Priscilla & Gerald)


Continued the deletion of series in the UFU10 ALEPH authority file that match the LC treatment and monitored the linkage to the LC Prod file. (Priscilla & Gerald)


Corrected numbering designations on numbered series to improve order of listings in the Brief Records index. (Priscilla)


Continued to transfer series treatment information from serial records to series authority records (Gerald & Priscilla)


Committee/Conference Participation


Cataloging & Metadata Dept.

CATMET Managers Group (Priscilla)

Smathers Libraries

Travel Committee (Priscilla)

Sabbatical Committee (Priscilla)

Database Maintenance Librarian Search Committee (Gerald)

Joint Administration and Faculty Assembly Committee on University Library  Reorganization (Priscilla)

Library Faculty Recruitment Committee (Priscilla)


ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) Committee (Gerald)


SUL Authorities Subcommittee of Technical Services Planning Committee (Priscilla; co-chair)

Florida Library Association (Priscilla, Gerald) 


American Library Association, Annual (Priscilla)


Participated in RS cleanup day (unit)

Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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