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Highlights 2008-2009 Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit

HIGHLIGHTS 2008-2009

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit


Coordinated and assisted the AFA Dewey reclassification project to reclassify approximately 11,000 items (Priscilla & Terri)


Began coordinating ECIP Cataloging Partnership Program participation.  The Electronic Cataloging-in-Publication (ECIP) partnership will allow us to catalog BIBCO, titles to be published by University Press of Florida.  We’re currently working with LC on ironing out some technical issues.


Gerald and Priscilla continued to work with FCLA and the Authorities Subcommittee reviewing and testing the rebuilt bib indexes on DEV18 and made recommendations to the TSPC


Priscilla and Gerald continued to work with the NOTIS subject and series authority update reports for UF making corrections in the database associated with relevant changes to headings that link to bibs.


Began to use Aleph and Aleph ARROW authority reports to correct and revise authoritative headings linking to bib records in Aleph


Gerald continued to use the Aleph GenLoad loader to batchload MARC records for government documents and other e-resources. 


FTE in the Unit:

The Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit welcomed Jane Anne Carey, the new Assistant Librarian, to the Unit (June 2009)

Jackie Heiland. worked through the backlog of the Bib Notification records to get them current, downloading from OCLC to the server, then loading the records from the server to Aleph.  Records downloaded to server were 6,135 and loaded into Aleph were 6,646 for a total of 12,781.

In preparation for the transition of BIB Notification batchloading activity, Jackie H. prepared and delivered training for Priscilla, Doug Smith., and Patsy (May 2009).

Randy Jewett made in excess of 11,000 changes to subject headings in the catalog using NOTIS reports. 

June 2009 - FTE in the unit decreased by 0.60 FTE (0.30 from the Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit, and 0.30 from the Science & Social Science Cataloging Units).  Randy Jewett and Jackie Heiland assisted with catalog maintenance and batchloading responsibilities.  Those responsibilities were shifted to the Copy Cataloging Unit


Trained 4 student assistants to perform database maintenance to update name and subject headings working with NOTIS reports (Gerald)


Terri Smith assigned to work with the Government Documents StoDocs Cataloging Pilot Project.  She continued as part of the larger project (50%).   


Nancy Williams, Librarian Emeritus, continued her service to the Libraries by coming in to consult with Priscilla on local database clean-up issues relating to authority control in Aleph.     


Batchloading Summary:


We keep track of the number of records loaded in ALEPH in the batchloads spreadsheet @ Batchloads Spreadsheet, 2004- 

Authority/Data Quality Maintenance

Coordinated and assisted in the review and submission of 1,665 NACO contributions with the assistance of Peter Bushnell and Nancy Poehlmann; compiled and reported monthly statistics @ UF and NACO (Priscilla)


Coordinated the submission of 1,049 BIBCO contributions; compiled and reported monthly statistics for BIBCO both local and national @ UF and BIBCO (Priscilla)


Training: (Priscilla)


BIBCO - July 24

NACO – Corporate bodies Feb. 11 & 24


NACO training for the Florida NACO Funnel (Oct. 24-26)


NACO training UNC-Chapel Hill  (Dec. 8-12)


Committee/Conference Participation


Cataloging & Metadata Dept.

CATMET Managers Group (Priscilla)

Smathers Libraries

Travel & FEO Committee (Priscilla)


ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) Committee (Gerald)


SUL Authorities Subcommittee of Technical Services Planning Committee (Priscilla; co-chair)

National (Priscilla)

BIBCO Operations Committee representative

American Library Association, Annual & Midwinter



Participated in RS cleanup day (unit)

Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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