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Authority Fixed Fields

NOTIS OCLC USMARC Definition (see USMARC Format for Authority Data)
D/I Geo subd 008/06 Direct or indirect geographic subdivision
E/L Enc lvl Leader 17 Encoding level
GOVT Govt agn 008/28 Type of government agency
H/ESTAB Auth status 008/33 Level of establishment
IP Upd status 008/31 Record update in process
KIND Auth/Ref 008/09 Kind of record
LANG 008/08 Language of catalog
MOD Mod rec 008/38 Modified record
NAME Name use 008/14 Heading use-main or added entry
NUM Ser num 008/13 Numbered or unnumbered series
ROM Roman 008/07 Romanization scheme
RT Type Leader 06 Type of record
RULES Rules 008/10 Descriptive cataloging rules
SER Ser use 008/16 Heading use-series added entry
SRC Source 008/39 Cataloging source
S/SYS Subj 008/11 Subject heading system/thesaurus
STAT Rec stat Leader 05 Record status
S/TYP Series 008/12 Type of series
SUBD Subdiv tp 008/17 Type of subject subdivision
SUBJ Subj use 008/15 Heading use-subject added entry
T/EVAL Ref status 008/29 Reference evaluation
UNIQUE Name 008/32 Undifferentiated personal name
NOTIS Definition Valid Values
DT Record creation date; system supplied Derived or manually created records; actual creation date 
Records from OCLC: date records were output from OCLC (e.g., exported or output by OCLC to a file)
FMT MARC format; system supplied A=Authority
R/DT Record revision date; system supplied Date record was last updated


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Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last Updated :
January 7, 2003


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