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NACO Annual Report

NACO activity at the University of Florida continued this past fiscal year largely uninterrupted, despite changes to the cataloging workflow to implement ALEPH. Cataloging in CATME during the NOTIS freeze allowed catalogers to continue cataloging thus the opportunity to continue authority contributions. Our ability to continue NACO contributions under circumstances that could have resulted in sharper decreases in the number of new and revised headings created for NACO, reflects the level of staff participation and dedication to the UF NACO Program.

For the past two years, due to implementing ALEPH, we anticipated a decrease in the number of contributions in all categories but were pleasantly surprised with an increase in new headings for jurisdictions from 7 fy03 to 20 fy04 (a 185.7% increase). We attribute the increase to no special cataloging project but to an increase in the number of material we received in the priority cataloging area for Florida. Our contributions totaled 1417 for new and changed name and series authority records, a decrease of 247 (or a 15% decrease) from fy03 1664. Corporate bodies and personal names decreased respectively from 227 to 211 (a 7% decrease) and from 830 to 750 (a 9.6% decrease). Revised names decreased slightly from 128 to 127 (a 0.8% decrease). The number of series dropped from 416 to 283 (a 32% decrease). The decrease is attributed to a personnel change in the Serials Cataloging unit resulting in a decrease in the number of series authority records created for NACO in the unit.

Next year, I look forward to introducing NACO contributors to another area of NACO participation. Within the shared environment, it is just as important to revise headings as to create new ones. Staff will be trained to identify existing authority records in the LC authority file coded in the fixed field as "preliminary" and to routinely upgrade these records to current AACR2 standards for NACO when using the heading on a bibliographic record. With this work we should see an increase in the number of revised headings submitted for NACO in FY 05.

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Priscilla Williams September 14, 2004


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