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All librarians and archivists are eligible to submit authorities. Unit heads are asked to review submissions from archivists in their area.

We concentrate on establishing and revising authorities for records from UF's priority collecting areas - Florida, LAC, African Studies, and Tropical Agriculture - however, we do submit authorities for other areas. Each cataloger is asked to weigh the importance of submitting a particular authority taking into account the potential benefit to users and staff as well as the time required to prepare the submission. We are required to participate in NACO as a condition of our membership in two cooperative cataloging programs, CONSER and BIBCO, and sometimes to fulfill grant obligations to contribute supporting authority work to the national authority file. All other submissions are made at the discretion of the cataloger.

Personal names:

  • Establish for priority areas when cross reference is necessary (all units)
  • Establish for priority areas when a conflict with another name can be resolved (all units)
  • Establish for all UF Faculty authors even when no cross reference is necessary (Sci Unit)
Corporate Names:
  • Establish for priority areas (all units)
  • Establish when required for series authority creation (all units)
  • Establish for all ongoing numbered series (all units)
  • Establish for all ongoing unnumbered series when cross reference is necessary (all units)
  • Establish for all ongoing unnumbered series when a 500 note is necessary (all units)
  • create authority using CLARR
  • make modifications as necessary
  • enter CLARR authority into LUIS
  • give to Unit Head for review (Archivists)
  • put printout in NACO review basket
  • NACO Coordinator will review and add authority to OCLC

While CLARR is a great addition to our processing of authority records, it is important to remember that computer generated authorities:

1) do not determine the form of the heading
2) do not always tell us if there is a conflict with another heading
3) may not include all cross references
4) don't alert us to the need to establish additional headings required by the rules

Additional documentation:

For series and complex names, please attach a copy of the title page and the page including the series statement or name.

Authority review:

In some cases, the NACO Coordinator may need to discuss a submitted authority with the cataloger. As a team, they will decide the best form of heading according to the rules.


The NACO Coordinator will review authority submissions in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, Feb 02, 1998
Last Updated : Priscilla Williams, Feb. 11, 2003


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