DLC-CatMet Workflow


AG Project




Two workflows have been applied to this project.


·         The first one was practiced before Nelda Schwartz joined DLC. The basic procedure began from searching UF records in Aleph. When a record was found, it would be extracted to the tracking database. From where, electronic information would be added. The complete set would be moved to LTQF.


A later step involved in the procedure was to add URL partially by FCLA before the record entered PALMM.


·         The second one is a current practice. Steps include:


1.            With a print material, Nelda will search its record in OCLC

2.1        If the record is found, Nelda will add electronic fields

2.2        The change will be saved into OCLC

2.3        By doing “Constant Data”, the record with changes will be exported into Aleph

2.4        On Aleph, more editing is done, including adding “UFER”

2.5        From Aleph, records are extracted into batch so that they can be imported into the tracking database

3.1        If the record is not found, the item will be sent to the CatMet

3.2        Depending on the nature of the item, it will be sent to either Jimmie (Monograph) or Naomi (Serials) for cataloging

3.3        The cataloging will be done in the OCLC environment

3.4        Nelda will be notified upon the completion of the cataloging

3.5        Repeat Step 2.3 through 2.5