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  • Comparison of several years' statistics for heading corrections follows. It is obvious what year we received computers that allowed copying and pasting. The 1997/98 corrections are ones done record by record. Catalyst global corrections are not tallied.

   1994/95      1995/96     1996/97   1997/98    1998/99     1999/2000   2000/2001                                  
10322         12638        34558      44653       34116       29202         29987

  • Worked with LAC Arrearage. Paul Lowry searched all the regular LAC arrearage. He also searched the Dome books. Nancy withdrew 261 titles from the Arrearage, most of them being LAC titles or Judaica.
  • Wade-Giles headings conversion to Pinyin was worked on in the fall and early winter. Almost all the work on personal names has been finished. Some corporate name conversion and series conversion remains. It may even be best to wait on the series conversion until the Pinyinized records are received from OCLC. To correct many series one needs to correct the descriptive part of the bibliographic entry which creates an extremely hybrid record. The authorities and the bibliographic records currently match. This activity was participated in by Gerald Langford, Jackie Heiland, and Stephen Chen.
  • Afro-American headings were converted to African American over about a two-week period using Catalyst global. Ongoing correcting is currently needed because OCLC records and Yankee records still have the old form.
  • Continued using Catalyst global to run the $x to $v changes for form subdivisions. Like Afro-Americans we constantly see records with $x being loaded into the database and as many as we can catch are being corrected.
  • Started working on other pre-migration editing. Removed $x Biography from over 4000 personal names. Many of these were listed as new headings on the reports and most had authorities that allowed us to correct all uses of the author's name to one established form. Also attempted to start adding the subject heading for the author of autobiographies. Many of these are missing on the bibliographic entries. Have some more work to finish this. Have also identified the following two subdivisions that will require record-by-record correcting---$k in fiction, drama, poetry, etc. and $x Dictionaries, indexes, etc.  Worked on spelling out co to county in geographic subdivisions and corrected Harbor as a subdivision under place.
  • Tried to get some time to look at the results of hsl searches in parts of the alphabet. This is a big project and does pay off in correcting old typos and old forms of headings that do not show up as cross references on authority records. Will want to see if the "new system" may have a better technique for working on these. Was getting a lot of print pages that could be tossed.
  • Spent time working with the LMS FAC. Rated 4 vendor responses, worked on scripts, attended meetings, viewed demos of two of the systems and reviewed the scoring after the demos, etc.
  • Continued monitoring the Yankee loads and the LC Authority loads. Had problems with the LC Authority loads. The LCCN 2001 was a particular problem. Identified diacritic problems in the Yankee records. This problem created extra work in reviewing the records after BatchBamming. Also the LC Authority loads helped identify some incorrect Pinyin conversions that were routed to Mary Ann to report to LC.
  • Advised Phek and Lawan on the possible work that could be done for the 9xxxxxx OCLC numbers from the CARP and REMARC records. 
  • Nancy attended ALA in Chicago and visited Northwestern. Gerald and Nancy attended the Florida Library Association conference in Orlando. Nancy took an Excel class.
  • Gerald should have more time to work on the LC authority records and the New Headings list now the Pinyin names are completed. He currently gets the LC personal names and the Main Added entries from the New Headings list. He also has run some Catalyst globals. Will try to pass on some more of the weekly duties to him over the next six months so Nancy can work on some of the older problems and older products that may not be usable with a new system. 
  • Jackie began working with correcting typos from the Ballard list of High probability misspellings. This had been worked on in the early 1990s. Generally typos that are found in current heading work tend to be in uncontrolled fields such as imprints, contents, etc.
  • Nancy worked intensely with Dot Hope in the spring to identify migration issues/problems and to consult with FCLA on the best way to tackle them. Numerous ones were corrected by hand after FCLA produced printed products or provided new indexing capabilities. ARROW was also used to identify what we could identify and work towards correcting.         

Prepared by: Nancy Williams, July 14, 2001


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