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  • Following are comparisons of several years' statistics of heading corrections. It is obvious what year we received computers that allowed copying and pasting. The 1997/98 corrections are ones done record by record. Catalyst global corrections are not tallied. 2001/2002 does not include the full year corrections for Langford and Heiland. Those are reported to the Social Sciences Unit.

                1995/96  1996/97  1997/98  1998/99  1999/2000  2000/2001  2001/2002
                12638     34558     44653     34116    29202        29987        20525

  • Worked with Judaica Arrearage. Nancy withdrew 136 titles routed to her by R. Singerman.

  • Catalyst global was improved to allow the addition and deletion of fields. Catalyst also continues to be used in merging updated series authorities reported via the weekly LC changed authority report.

  • Continued working on pre-migration editing. Some of the activities included correcting the badoclc records, dealing with duplicated authorities, working on and supervising diacritics/null value problems, deleting unneeded series/serial records, and other miscellaneous identified problems.

  • Worked with FCLA, Gerald Langford, and C. Botero on the 9xxxxxxx OCLC numbers. The CARP/REMARC records were processed by FCLA providing us with 343 batches of about 245 records each for a grand total of 83,532 records indexed under no=CARP. Other 9xs were eliminated that involved derived CARP records for other processing units such as HB, UI, etc. Remaining 9x's belong to HC and JX.

  • Nancy attended the SUS Joint meeting and gave a presentation on the UF pre-migration cleanup. She resigned her co-chairmanship of the Authority Subcommittee of the TSPC. Gerald attended the Florida Library Association. He will chair next year's Technical Services Caucus.

  • Gerald assumed responsibility for the LC authority records (except series) and the New Headings list prior to Nancy beginning phased retirement, May 1. His assignment was changed to 75% on authority work. For several months in the spring, Nancy concentrated freed time to work on the unclaimed series authorities identified in a retro-Autoclaim processed in early January.

  • NetLibrary records were monitored and updated. Monitoring involved some test Batchbamming and reporting to the TS-Plan listserv. FCLA worked on eliminating local subject headings from the records and subsequently reporting those records for review that lacked subjects. This prevented many duplicative and confusing entries in the database. The most serious problem noted was the lack of providing 830 series tracings when the 490 1 appeared on the record. Updating included using Catalyst to globally change the authoritative heading for NetLibray (which went to Netlibrary and then back to NetLibrary) and also adjusting the message in the 856.

  • Jackie Heiland continued with a 15% assignment that includes working with the New Headings report for the UD processing unit. She also continues working with correcting typos from the Ballard misspellings list. This list had been worked on in the early 1990s. Generally typos that are found in current heading work tend to be in uncontrolled fields such as imprints, contents, etc.

  • Nancy continued to work with Dot Hope to identify migration issues/problems and to consult with FCLA on the best way to tackle them. Numerous ones were corrected by hand after FCLA produced printed products or provided new indexing capabilities. ARROW was also used to identify what we could identify and work towards correcting. Test records were tagged including ones for authority control, bibliographic and/or holdings problems, items, etc.

  • Paul Lowry continued his work on creating either series/serials bibliographic records and/or series authorities for classed together series. In 2000/2001 he created 126 series/serials. In 2001/2002 another 229 were created. More were done this current year because Paul spent considerable time in 2000/2001 working on searching the Latin American arrearage.

  • After Daniel Cromwell's departure to FCLA, Nancy fielded questions from the Copy Cataloging Unit prior to her retirement.

  • Nancy chaired the Library-wide Tenure and Promotion committee.

  • Nancy began her phased retirement after 31 years and 2 months at the University of Florida with 30 years and 4 months in the University Libraries. She will continue working with series headings and series authorities and will provide guidance on earlier authority practices as well as general past procedures/practices that may have an impact on migration to ALEPH.

Prepared by: Nancy Lynne Williams
Last updated: July 13, 2002


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