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  • About five months were spent (July-Dec.) in being physically located at the FCLA office. It was interesting to discover how much of the work involved in authority control could be  performed off-site.
  • Completed one full year of processing weekly New Headings reports. In June 1997 monthly reporting was changed to weekly reporting. FCLA now claims new subject and name authorities every Saturday night. This has allowed us to substitute time spent in deriving authorities with correcting typos that affect both controlled heading searches and keyword searching.
  • BatchBam software was completed by Gary Strawn in January and after some further refinements in the testing process, the software is now used for all Yankee indexed titles just prior to their uploading to OCLC. BatchBam and the Bam button on CLARR are used in claiming many series authorities that are exempt from FCLA Autoclaim.
  • The CLARR bandage button was activated for UF in March. 365 names and subjects were processed using this technique eliminating tedious pasting of new heading forms. Several of these headings corrected involved over 500 bibliographic records. These corrections are identified by Error 9 reports and LC changed authority reports.
  • Several different printouts of Error 9 headings were worked through. Error 9s are instances where the heading on a bibliographic record is a cross reference on an authority record. Corrected mainframe software from Gary Strawn allows us to capture cross references that are suppressed in public LUIS but are still incorrectly used on bibliographic records. This printout is extensive and is being currently worked on.
  • Received authorizations that allow batch or individual correcting of LL, LF, HC, and JX bibliographic records.
  • Comparison of several years statistics for heading corrections follow. It is obvious what year we received computers that allowed copying and pasting. The 1997/98 corrections are ones done record by record. CLARR's bandage button corrections are not tallied.
    • 1994/95  1995/96  1996/97  1997/98
        10322    12638    34558    44653
  • Hosted with FCLA the November meeting of the Authority Committee. Report of the meeting and the Committee's activity for 1997 is at:
  • Gave presentation at NUGM in September on CLARR and CLARR-related software development. Visited G. Strawn at Northwestern to review contract and software development and to discuss his participation in the Authority Committee November meeting.
  • Began learning Visual Basic 5 and Microsoft Access to see how they could be used in the Warehousing Project and to determine if we might be able to develop some pc software for general Resource Services desktop use to increase staff productivity.
  • Upon our return to campus and the completion of renovation, work with the Arrearage was resumed. Most of the reduction in the size of the arrearage is due to Collection Management withdrawals and some researching of sarr LAC material. African material was subsorted out of the Social Sciences and Science arrearage. The African material totals 544 titles. Arrearage totals and comparisons follow:
  TOTAL 2/96  TOTAL 6/97 TOTAL 6/98
FINE ARTS 480 242 239
HUM 1701                 1287  934
LAC                    4050    2806 2413
SCI   1079                 884   414
SOC SCI   2327 1963  1411
NRL 40   16 9
TOTAL 9687  7198  5564

Prepared by: Nancy Williams, July 1998
Last updated: July 22, 1998


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