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  • Comparison of several years' statistics for heading corrections follow.  It is obvious what year we received computers that allowed copying and pasting.  1997/1998 corrections and 1998/1999 corrections are ones done record by record.  CLARR bandage button corrections are in the following bullet:

  •         1994/95        1995/96        1996/97        1997/98        1998/99
               10322           12638           34558           44653           34116
  • The CLARR bandage button has been used for over one year.  This year's work represents the regular changes necessitated by LC's weekly authority changes and some work with Error 9 reports.  Large file changes, accumulated from earlier years, were mostly changed in the previous year.  This year's activity may be more representative.  A total of 613 batch corrections were run.  We are currently about halfway through the Error 9 report produced 5/26/98.
  • Weekly authority record corrections involved a large percentage of authorities with only the second indicator dropped.  Reviewing these, however, did identify some split files that could be corrected.  Also processed this year were a number of Chinese place names that were being changed from the established conventional forms to the pinyin forms.  Also a number of revised authorities involved the change of $x for form subdivision to $v.  These were only selectively run and it is acknowledged that many $x's remain on bibliographic records that should be $v..
  • In the winter a problem occured with the Autoclaim program run  weekly on the UF file.  For several weeks it did not work at all and even the weekly new headings list failed to be produced.  When it was produced we were able to process completely the subject portion, and to review the name portion for the non-UF sections (HB, UI, ML, PI, UD).  In the name portion typos are mostly identified and corrected.  Series new headings are reviewed later, and only when time is available.  Most of these are brought in or corrected as part of the normal cataloging routine.
  • We ran BatchBam on the following indexed Government document loads: 19990117, 19990214, 19990314, 19960317, 19970511.  We noticed  a high percentage of the same types  of validation problems and a suggestion was made to Gary Strawn that it might be helpful to specify validation errors one was not interested in receiving reports on.  Software changes for this were made and some bugs were identified.  We have not been able to get back to this yet to resolve these problems.
  • N. Williams had supervisory duty for the Copy Cataloging removed in the fall and by spring she was able to put some time into review and testing of the FCLA Cataloging Client; Catalyst. Numerous suggestions were made by her and others, and review of the changing versions continues.
  • Powerpoint presentations were developed  or updated for the following:  Catalyst Cataloging Client, Editing in Catalyst, FULOADER processing, Autoclaim and headings - New/Dropped  Heading List Processing, Yankee Record processing, and BatchBam.
  • This year we kept statistics of the withdrawn titles from the arrearage.  A total of 645 titles were withdrawn and the records physically removed where no order was attached.  Following are the statistics as of early July 1999 with comparisons to earlier totals:

                  TOTAL 2/96     TOTAL 6/97    TOTAL 6/98    TOTAL 7/99
     FINE ARTS           480           242            239           217
     HUM                1701          1287            934           903
     LAC                4050          2806           2413          2049
     SCI                1079           884            414           112
     SOC SCI            2327          1963           1411           689
     NRL                  40            16              9             6
     MICRO UNCAT      NOT DONE      NOT DONE          144           104
     TOTAL              9687          7198           5564          4080

    The arrearage total dropped by 1484 and since 645 titles were withdrawals, 839 titles were cataloged.  The figures also show that a little more than half of the arrearage is LAC material.  Science is very close to being totally out of the arrearage.  Social sciences has eliminated more than half of its arrearage this year.


Prepared by: Nancy Williams, July 28, 1999


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