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  • Comparison of several years' statistics for heading corrections follow.  It is obvious what year we received computers that allowed copying and pasting.  1997/1998 corrections and 1998/1999 corrections are ones done record by record. 

  •         1994/95        1995/96        1996/97        1997/98        1998/99            1999/2000
               10322           12638           34558           44653           34116               29202

  • Use of the CLARR bandage button ceased with the development of global change capability in FCLA's Catalyst client. Its use began in August. It is  used with weekly topical subject changes that do not require bibliographic record examination. Examples of changes processed include: Internet (Computer network) to Internet and |z New York (N.Y) to |z New York (State) |z New York. Also changes from |x to |v for form divisions have been processed for over 80 subdivisions including |v Periodicals, |v Newspapers, |v Congresses, |v Early works to 1800. 

  • Weekly authority record corrections involved a large percentage of authorities with only the second indicator dropped  or the first indicator of 2 for personal names changed to 1. By spring this had become a very serious problem for the volume of records in the report. FCLA processed the LTLC authority file to remove the second indicator when appropriate on all authority records as well as changing the personal name authorities with first indicators of 2 to 1. The weekly authority loads are also now preprocessed. This has helped reduce this workload which has allowed other work in authority control.
  • Catalyst development and review has continued. Along with global change capability described above, progress has been made in the development of a heading verification process and report. It checks headings with authorities including geographic subdivisions and provides a quick derivation of LTLC authorities into individual databases. 
  • Ronnie Cline, Archivist, passed away in August. His line was traded to Contributed Cataloging in exchange for staff assignments. Jackie Heiland and Gerald Langford each were assigned 15% to work on authority control. Near the end of the year Gerald's assignment was raised to 25%. Jackie works with the UD new heading reports for subjects and names, Gerald works with the personal name authorities in the LC weekly updates and is now starting to work with names and subjects in the UF new headings. Nancy assumed Ronnie's assignment with the arrearage work.
  • Previously developed PowerPoint presentations were posted to the Resource Services website - They include the following :Yankee Record Processing, BatchBam, FULOADER. Also added to the website was Global Change Examples using Catalyst -
  • Nancy also developed and presented for SUS Authority staff workshop materials and demonstrations on using Catalyst global change. Much information was shared through the year using email.
  • At the SUS Authority Committee meeting issues involved in migrating to another system were developed and prioritized. They are posted with the meetings minutes at Also discussed were authority functions that have carried forward in the specifications for a new system. 
  • This year we kept statistics of the withdrawn titles from the arrearage.  A total of 568 titles were withdrawn and the records deleted when no order was attached. This was true of almost all the withdrawals. Following are the statistics as of  early July 2000 with comparisons to the previous four years :
  TOTAL 2/96

TOTAL 6/97

TOTAL 6/98 TOTAL 7/99 TOTAL 7/2000
FINE ARTS   480 242 239 217 104
HUM 1701 1287 934 903 467
LAC 4050 2806 2413 2049 1602
SCI   1079 884 414 112 81
SOC SCI 2327 1963 1411 689 290
NRL 40 16 9 6 2
TOTAL 9687 7198 5564 4080 2650

    The arrearage total dropped by 1430 and since 568 titles were withdrawals, 862 titles were cataloged.  The figures also show that 60% of the arrearage is LAC material. Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences eliminated about half their arrearages with attention from CM Staff and cataloging efforts.

Prepared by: Nancy Williams, August 2, 2000


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