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BIBCO Annual Report

July 2007– June 2008


Our BIBCO contributions (fy08) totaled 862.  In (fy07) we contributed 827 BIBCO records, a increase of 35 or 4.2%.  Of the (fy08) total records contributed 691 or 80% was FULL (includes original and enhance)  and 171 or 20% was CORE (includes original and CORE).  Of the (fy07) total contributions 617 or 75% was FULL and 220 or 25% was CORE level.  For many years original BIBCO FULL has been by far our strength over original and ENHANCE CORE.  The (fy08) breakdown shows that we continue to be consistently strong in the original/FULL category.  Of the total 664 originals contributed in (fy08), 521 or 78% was BIBCO original FULL; 143 original CORE; 170 enhance FULL, and 28 enhance CORE.  Since September 2007 we set BIBCO as the default when creating original catalog records.  I’d like to think that the 4.2% increase, in part, can be attributed to the implementation of that default. 

Our goal for next year is to increase BIBCO contributions by 10%.  To help us reach our goal we’re planning to become a partner in LC’s Electronic Cataloging in Publication Program (ECIP) in fy09.  ECIP will allow us to catalog titles from the University of Florida Press as BIBCO.  I’m looking forward to working with LC as a partner in the ECIP program as we further promote the BIBCO concept. 



Priscilla Williams, BIBCO Coordinator

University of Florida

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Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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