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BIBCO Annual Report

July 2008– June 2009


Our (fy09) goal was to increase BIBCO contributions by 10%.  We exceeded our goal by 12% for an overall increase of 22% from (fy08).   BIBCO contributions in (fy09) totaled 1,049, an increase from (fy08) 862 of 187 records contributed or 22%.  Of the (fy09) total records contributed 790 or 75% was FULL (encoding level blank - original and enhance) and 259 or 25% was CORE (encoding level 4 (original and enhance) compared to (fy08) total FULL level contributions of 691 or 80% and 171 or 20% CORE level.  Catalogers continued to prefer BIBCO FULL level records over CORE, in both original and enhance bibliographic records. I would like to believe that the BIBCO review workshop held in July played a part in our achieving our goal this year.  Forthcoming workshops will be planned to coincide with the implementation of the BIBCO standard record requirements and the revision of the BIBCO Participants’ Manual.  

We’re on the cusp to become a partner in LC’s ECIP program to catalog titles from the University of Florida Press.  We’re looking forward to having these titles available to include in our (fy10) BIBCO cataloging contributions. 


Priscilla Williams, BIBCO Coordinator

University of Florida

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Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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