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BIBCO Annual Report

July 2009 – June 2010


On January 4, 2010, BIBCO implemented the BIBCO standard record (BSR) for printed monographs.  The new BSR has a single encoding level, “blank.”  It replaces the original BIBCO full (blank) and core (4) encoding levels.  It is described as a “floor” record that only needs to contain the very basic elements to meet user needs. Under the new BSR guidelines a single encoding level, “blank”, replaces the original BIBCO full (blank) and core (4) encoding levels.  Since our catalogers have always wanted to work with a single encoding level, the implementation has had no direct impact on BIBCO participation at UF.  BIBCO catalogers will continue to create original and enhance BIBCO records at a level above the BSR mapping.  This is consistent with the majority of records previously and currently contributed as BIBCO.  

BIBCO contributions decreased in (fy10) by 418, an overall decrease of 40% from (fy09) 1,049.   The decrease can be attributed to a change in cataloging priorities to support the cataloging of 300,000 federal documents.  The fy10 contributions totaled 631 which include six months of FULL and CORE level contributions both original and enhance.  All contributions from January to June were contributed under the new guidelines using a single encoding level “blank.”


Priscilla Williams, BIBCO Coordinator

University of Florida

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Prepared by: Priscilla Williams



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