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BIBCO is an international cooperative program for online cataloging; the monographic bibliographic record component of the Program of Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Through BIBCO, institutions contribute and authenticate bibliographic records for international files administered by OCLC and RLIN. UF joined BIBCO in fall of 1998.

BIBCO authentication is marked on each record and is a sign that each name, subject and uniform title heading is supported by authority control; that the description is complete to the level indicated (full or core); and that descriptive rules are applied from current Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations.  

We participate in the BIBCO program because we believe that sharing of bibliographic records that meet mutually agreed upon standards benefits our patrons today as well as patrons in the future both here and elsewhere. This applies to the records we create or upgrade here and to those contributed by our BIBCO partners which we utilize to describe many books we acquire. We also receive a small credit for the upgrading of bibliographic records to BIBCO in the OCLC database.  

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Prepared by: Jimmie Lundgren



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