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3rd Floor Closing Routine


All 3rd floor staff are responsible for turning off individual workstation lights and other personal electrical items (e.g., fans, coffee pots) when leaving for the day.  The last person on the floor should turn off the floor lights (red light switch near copier). 

At 5pm the floor closers (see below) take the following actions.  Any staff turning these items on after 5pm should be careful to turn them off before leaving.

Confirm TVs and microfilm reader are off

Turn off copier

Turn off lights in Processing area

Confirm coffee pot in training room is off

Confirm double door fob box light is red

Break room:

Unplug coffee pot

Confirm cooking equipment is off

Confirm refrigerator door is closed

Close break room doors



Monday - Jorge Gonzalez

Tuesday - Steve Fuquay

Wednesday - Peter Bushnell

Thursday - Steve Fuquay

Friday - Peter Bushnell


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, November 13, 2007


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