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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group

February 4, 2004

Cat A-B-C-D
Trainers reported that Cat A-B-C documentation is well-developed. Julia and Doug are working on the searching portion of Cat A. Tatiana and Gerald distributed updated drafts for Cat B1 and Cat B2 prior to the meeting. Jackie and Jorge, like the others, will continue to make changes as customization and local practice are put in place (e.g., HOL defaults).

The group discussed other aspects of the curriculum including class titles, class duration, and number of attendees. Jimmie pointed out lessons learned from the CatME training sessions including the advantages of limiting attendees, requiring promptness, and scheduling like participants in the same session. Deliberations led to the following decisions. Current drafts are attached. A suggestion was made that the documentation be dated to assist with keeping track of revisions.

Cat A: Introduction to Bib, Items, and Holdings
Searching and pushing records to the Catalog Module, basic editing of bibliographic records and items, and creating holdings.
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisite: Aleph 101, Tech Services Lite
10-15 attendees

Training Packet Class A (doc)

Cat B: Intermediate Holdings and Items and Provisional Records
Creating, editing, and suppressing holdings; creating, editing, and deleting items; and creating provisional records from scratch and a template.
Length: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Cat A
10-15 attendees

Training Packet Class B (doc)

Cat C: Advanced Copy Cataloging
Importing OCLC copy, overlaying Aleph records, and a review of all steps required to finish cataloging a record using copy including inputting diacritics and validating.
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisite: Cat A and B
10-15 attendees

Training Packet Class C (doc)

Cat D: Original Cataloging with CatME
Original cataloging with and without provisionals; cataloging and authority work using CatME; exporting/importing records; loading holdings and items.
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisite: Cat A, B, and C
10-15 attendees

Training Packet Class D (doc)

Julia demonstrated how to push brief lists created in the Search Module to the Cataloging Module. This and other techniques are included on Julia's Aleph training Web site under Nifty Features!

Jorge and others asked about the preparation of documentation. Jimmie suggested it be hole-punched and provided in a loose-leaf notebook or be spiral bound. Betsy explained that she expects these details as well as the details of scheduling classes will be addressed by the LMS Steering Committee so that there is consistency across Aleph classes.

MARC21 Holdings training
Julia and Cathy reported on the 2/3/04 meeting to discuss training in MARC21 Holdings. The meeting included Naomi, Julia, Cathy, Doug Kiker, Jason Fleming, Jody Brown (Documents), and Martha. The group decided to hold the following two classes. [Descriptions are taken from Julia's meeting email sent 2/4/04 following the Cataloging Trainers Group 2/4/04 meeting.]

MARC 21 introduction
Learning about 85x,86x -- what they are and how to use them
Examples of basic HOL coding
Defaults and Fixed Fields -- cheatsheet
Introduction to reading patterns

Clean up procedures
Z39.71 syntax
Patterns and how to fix them

Binding class
Cathy announced that she is planning to conduct a Binding class that will pull together information from many other training sessions.

Tech Services Lite class
Betsy reported that she, Michele, Doug Kiker, Charles McElroy, and Cecilia are scheduled to meet 2/4/04 to plan the Tech Services Lite class. Although Lori Driscoll isn't available to participate in the planning, it is hoped that the circulation component of the class will remain.

HOL defaults
Betsy announced that a group including Jackie, Gerald, Jimmie, Priscilla, Julia, Naomi, and Betsy met 1/29/04 to discuss HOL defaults for the LDR and 008. The group's recommendation was reviewed and approved at the 2/3/04 MARC21 Holdings meeting.

Monograph HOL Defaults (Excel)

Betsy will confirm with Daniel that only one set of HOL LDR and 008 defaults are allowed, then will ask Daniel to revise the Aleph tables.

The small group discussing HOL customization will continue meeting for the purpose of developing recommendations to standardize local use of HOL fields and subfields.

Validation (Check.doc)
Gerald reported that he, Jorge, and Beatriz have completed their review of the tables governing the bib validation routines and are in the process of compiling their recommendations.

OCLC overlay
Betsy asked for the group's input regarding the recent email exchange with Daniel about the OCLC loader overlay being restricted to OCLC number. Jimmie stressed the need for overlay matching based on the Aleph system number. Jean expressed again her concern that there be safeguards to prevent accidental overlays similar to WinONI. Betsy will follow-up with Daniel and keep the group posted.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 18, 9:30-11:00am, MSL Room 308.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: February 12, 2004


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