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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group

February 27, 2003

Updated attendee list
Jorge distributed a draft of his update of the attendee list and asked for feedback. The list provides specific information about which staff are expected to attend which cataloging classes. Jorge will send the list when it's ready.

Client load
Betsy explained that Rich decided to have the new clients for UF Test and ExLibris U. loaded on a local server before sending installation instructions to staff. Rich experienced some difficulty when loading the clients on his computer, and he thinks loading from a local server instead of FCLA's will make the process smoother for staff. Betsy offered to send the URLs for loading from FCLA's server if anyone feels they want to try installing the clients now, rather than waiting until they are available off a local server.

Migration schedule
Betsy reported that Martha and the LMS Steering Commitee are meeting with FCLA on March 3 to review the migration schedule, which is not accurate at this point. It is possible the STP (Switch to Production) date will have to be adjusted. A new schedule will affect the timing of local training sessions since the thinking is to hold the sessions during the NOTIS freeze.

Staff GUI sessions
Doug, Tatiana, David, and Gerald volunteered to review the ExLibris and Harvard documentation re. the staff GUI overview and recommend a general approach and script. The group intends to meet in mid-March to demo and critique the class, finetuning it for later use with staff. [After an LMS Steering Committee meeting later on 2/27, Betsy reported that the Steering Committee decided to handle the staff GUI training centrally rather than having each group of functional trainers train their areas. As a result, the group can focus its efforts exclusively on the cataloging classes.]

Cataloging classes
The group discussed how best to divide responsibility for the cataloging classes. Betsy had previously distributed a list of possible training partners, taking into consideration the cataloging level of participant groups:

Naomi and David: Serials Cat (3)
Tatiana and Betsy: Scafah (6) Grants (3)
Doug and Gerald: Copy (4) Mead (1) G&E (3)
Jorge and Jackie: Science (3) SocSci (4)

Tatiana and ?: Special Collections (7)
Jorge and ?: Science Library (1) Map & Imagery (2)
Jackie and ?: Documents (4) Pres (2)
Gerald and ?: Auth (1) Dot (1) DMU (3)
Doug and ?: Monos (6) CM (2)
Naomi and David: Serials Acq (8)
Betsy and ?: DLC (6)
Jorge: Satellites
Other groups: Paying (3) RS Assoc Chrs (2) plus other non-catalogers

In general, there was support for having training partners, with additional rovers requested as needed. Jorge suggested that he and Gerald could possibly team up to cover Science Library, Map & Imagery, Authority/Data Quality, Dot, and DMU in one class. It was felt that spots in classes with few participants could be made available for staff who want to repeat training sessions and staff who miss classes.

The group agreed that after functional training on March 4-5 we should have a better idea of how we want to structure the cataloging classes.

UF Test
Gerald and Cecilia stressed the advantages of our training staff with the UF Test database configured to UF's specifications. Hopefully, the LMS Steering Committee will learn more about when we might be able to use a configured UF Test at the FCLA meeting on March 3.

Cecilia raised an important point re. how decisions will be made concerning cataloging workflow in the new ALEPH environment. Betsy responded that the cataloging trainers need to think about workflow while going through functional training. Cross-training in other modules will also highlight workflow issues. Cecilia suggested, and the group concurred, that it would be helpful for the functional trainers to be cross-trained prior to holding functional training with staff.

MSL training room
Betsy distributed guidelines for using the MSL training room drafted by Denise Bennett. The group decided to visit the room at a later date to review the guidelines.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12, 9:00-10:30, Library East Conference Room.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: March 5, 2003


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