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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group
March 17, 2004

Cat A-B-C-D
Trainers reported that the class documentation is being finalized.

Gerald raised the following two outstanding issues needing to be resolved and incorporated into the training classes:

Item Process Statuses
The list of Item Process Statuses is not customized yet. Julia, Tatiana, Cathy, and Betsy volunteered to review the default Item Process Statuses, recommend changes, and create a guide for staff. [As of 3/26/04, after consulting with Jennifer Kuntz at FCLA, a list of proposed Item Process Statuses with definitions for use has been drafted and will be sent to the RS Migration Group for input.]

Moving Items
Moving items in Aleph can be problematic. It is easy to make mistakes when using the drag/drop method. Unlinking and relinking items can also be complex. The group decided to delay introducing these methods to staff until we have a better understanding of the processes involved. The initial plan is to set permissions so that only a small group of staff can perform this function and decide how to incorporate it into workflow.

Holdings training
Per Naomi, the Holdings classes have been expanded as follows:

HOL 101: Introduction to MARC Holdings
Introduction to MARC Format for Holdings as applied in Aleph; description of elements
and coding.

HOL 102: Introduction to Serials Holdings
Covers creating and editing summary holdings for periodicals and other types of serials;
creation of holdings for supplements and indexes; simple conversion of LUIS holdings to
MARC format; and how to report problem/complex holdings for correction.

HOL 103: Corrections of MARC 21 Holdings and Patterns
Provides practice in interpreting captions and patterns; creating and editing complex
serials holdings; cleanup of old-format holding records, or records corrupted in input.

HOL standard
Naomi and others suggested the following revisions to the HOL Local Input Standard [The revised version is available at]

  • Change "monograph default in red" to "default in red"
  • Include serial preference for language of caption (008/22-24)
  • Add 866 information indicating that serials staff will revise to 85X/86X pairs when other revisions to HOL are needed
  • Change the call number default order list so that it reflects the existing order rather than the proposed order (852 $h $i)

Added copies
Betsy pointed the group to two records with NOTIS number AAD6224 in UF Prod to see an example of multiple copies for the same location on separate holdings and an example of mulitiple copies for the same location on the same holding. She reported that Daniel and Mary Ann responded that there are no problems from their perspective with putting mulitiple copies for the same location on the same holding post-STP. They suggested we get input from Public Services. [Post-meeting Betsy contacted Rich who voiced no objections, but said he would ask a wider Public Service audience for feedback.]

Validation (Check.doc)
Jimmie, Naomi, and Betsy met with Gerald to review the recommended changes to the Check_doc tables. Gerald forwarded the changes to Daniel on 3/9/04.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 1, 1:00-2:30, MSL 107.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: March 31, 2004


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