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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group

December 11, 2003

Betsy announced that customization of the client is progressing. On December 15, Jennifer Kuntz from FCLA will present an overview of Item Processing Statuses to lay the groundwork for local decision-making. Gerald, Jorge, and Beatriz Lugo are going to review the tables that run the Check Record function and propose an appropriate configuration.

Michele Crump and Lori Driscoll have expressed agreement with the concept of a Tech Services Lite class, but neither Acquisitions nor Access Services is ready to discuss details. Cecilia and Betsy will go ahead and draft the cataloging portion of the class to share with the rest of the group.

Doug, Julia, Jackie, Jorge, Gerald, and Tatiana's collaborations since the October 15 meeting led to a change in the curriculum originally envisioned. They explained that as they developed the classes, it seemed most appropriate to structure them to have Cat B cover searching, holdings, items, and authorities at a more in-depth level than Cat A, and have Cat C cover original cataloging. As a result, all three classes were discussed and parts of each were demonstrated as follows:

Cat A - Julia and Doug

Cat B - Gerald and Tatiana
(includes overview of Cat A-C)

Cat C - Jackie and Jorge

Several key issues surfaced, among them:

  • Context: striking a balance between the minutia and the big picture; elucidating clear objectives for each class
  • Continuity: making sure each class flows logically into the next
  • Division of labor: determining how we want to structure the classes
    (see the following minutes for background: 2/19/03
  • Documentation: figuring out how detailed the training "scripts" or "outlines" should be
  • Serials: addressing training for serials; possibilities for incorporating serials-related information into Cat A-B-C

As was pointed out in the meeting email, as RS Technical Coordinator, Julia is responsible for coordinating Tech Services efforts to standardize the look and feel of the training documentation. Unfortunately, there was little time available at the end of the meeting to discuss this in detail. Julia will brainstorm with others in order to make recommendations.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 20, 1:30-3:30pm, MSL Conference Room. The agenda includes a status report on Cat A, B, C (Julia, Doug, Gerald, Tatiana, Jackie, Jorge); a discussion/demo of the cataloging portion of Tech Services Lite (Cecilia and Betsy); and a report on a proposed MARC21 Holdings class and a Serials class (Naomi); other agenda items to be determined later.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: January 6, 2004


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