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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group

January 20, 2004

We welcomed Cathy Mook who asked to be included in Cataloging Trainers Group meetings.

MSL classrooms
Denise Bennett updated the group on the use of MSL classroom space for Aleph training. MSL Room 308 has been reserved for UF Bridges training on Fridays from February-July, thus will be unavailable for Aleph training. MSL Room 107 is an acceptable alternative for Fridays, but the library prefers MSL Room 308 be used for Aleph training meetings and classes. UF Test has been loaded on the instructor and student computers in MSL Room 107.

Cat A-B-C
The Cat A-B-C trainers described their progress with developing the curriculum. The following training scripts are the current versions distributed at the meeting and via email afterward:

Cat A

Introduction to ALEPH Cataloging

Cat B

What to Expect From Cataloging Class B1

What to Expect From Cataloging Class B2

What to Expect From Post Cataloging Training Classes

Cat C

Introduction to ALEPH Original Cataloging With CatME

Betsy referred the group to the following 1/15/04 email "decisions made at 1/6 Cat A-B-C trainers meeting", which outlines decisions made by the Cat A-B-C trainers on 1/6/04

Decisions Made at 1/6 Cat A-B-C Trainers Meeting

Jackie pointed out that trainers should use examples and exercises that are valid according to national standards.

Training template
Julia circulated the improved training document template:

Training Template

MARC21 Holdings class; Serials class
Naomi reported that she reviewed the Harvard documentation and found their MARC21 Holdings class script to be very lengthy. Naomi explained that at this point she needs input from Acquisitions trainers to move forward with any planning for a MARC21 Holdings class and/or a Serials class.

Binding class
Cathy announced that she is formulating plans for a Binding class, which would have elements of cataloging, acquisitions, and circulation. Currently, she is assessing how training curriculums from each of the functional areas will address Binding staff needs.

Tech Services Lite
Cecilia briefly described the cataloging portion of the Tech Services Lite class draft as presented in the 1/8/04 email sent to the group. Betsy explained that the following staff are scheduled to meet 2/4/04 to develop the class further - Cecilia, Betsy, Michele, Charles, Doug K. Unfortunately, Access Services is not able to participate at this time.

Action Items
The group decided to set up a recurring meeting schedule, which will be every other Wednesday beginning 2/4/04 from 9:30-11:00am, MSL Room 308.

The trainers will make decisions re. class length, class title, and incorporation of hands-on training and exercises soon. In order to move forward with scheduling the classes, class length, including setup time, needs to be determined. Per Betsy scheduling is targeted to be done in February.

Two new task groups were formed:

  • Aleph Holdings templates: Jackie, Priscilla, Julia, Jimmie, and Betsy will investigate the creation of default Holdings templates.
  • MARC21 Holdings/Serials class: Julia will coordinate a group to plan training. Naomi, Cathy, Acquisitions trainers, and possibly a representative from Documents will be included.

Another task group is active as well:

  • Validation: Gerald, Jorge, and Beatriz Lugo form another task group already underway to recommend table setup for Check.doc, Aleph's bib validation function.

Cecilia and Betsy will present the following two concerns raised by the group at the 1/21/04 LMS Steering Committee meeting [subsequently cancelled] and the 1/22/04 LMS Steering Committee/FCLA joint meeting.

  • Permissions: How will cataloger permissions affect workflow? Will cataloger levels be set so high as to prevent lower level staff/students from performing work or will cataloger levels be set so low as to allow lower level staff/students to make unwanted changes? [Daniel is working on Aleph permissions templates based on the current NOTIS permissions setup. He expects to send Rich these templates for review the week of 1/26/04. There will be an opportunity to review and test the permissions.]
  • Synchronization of UF Test and UF Prod: Will the training demos/instructions based on UF Test conflict with display/functionality in UF Prod following STP, which would be confusing for staff? [FCLA confirmed that UF Test will mirror UF Prod following STP.]

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4, 9:30-11:00am, MSL Room 308.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: February 2, 2004



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