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CatMet Management Group Minutes

January 6, 2010

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

Guest: Val Davis

VIVO mapping

Val Davis met with CMG to discuss the metadata description for IR-derived publication information accessed through VIVO.  Val will send the type of data identified as needed, and CMG will provide assistance with mapping to MODS.

Naomi recommended an upcoming NISO Webinar, "From ILS to Repository and Back: Data Interoperability."

Enhance status for maps

Jimmie discussed the application to receive Enhance status for maps.


Priscilla reported that David Williamson at the Library of Congress has been in communication with Daniel Cromwell at FCLA to address the technical problems impacting our moving forward with the project.  Priscilla plans to attend an ECIP meeting at ALA Midwinter.

UFER holdings

CMG discussed adding UFER holdings to records with full text links.  Batchloaded e-resource records include UFER holdings.  In other cases, UFER holdings are added manually, although this has not been done consistently.  Betsy will contact Sue Wartzok about FIU's use of e-resource holdings to gather more information. 

Catalog Problems

Jane Anne will send the 2010 schedule.  In the meantime, Doug is the January reviewer with Naomi as back-up, and Naomi is the February reviewer with Doug as back-up.

Chris Poehlmann reported the problem with broken Serials Solutions e-book links to the company.  Naomi suggested a message be posted on the Web site and sent to public service staff.  [Betsy passed the suggestion along to Chris post-meeting.]

Offsite facility

Steve Carrico and Betsy are waiting for cost figures from Business Services before sending an updated budget estimate to Dean Russell.  Current thinking is that a more open floorplan with fewer offices will be pursued.

OCLC Reclamation project

Betsy referred CMG to the reclamation notes at

Cataloging liaisons

Naomi reported that Hank has assisted Suzy Potter in the past with serials.  Both she and Hank are available if she has questions.  Peter is Suzy's monograph contact.

Betsy mentioned that Linnea Danielsen at HSCL is going to start inputting MeSH headings on the OCLC record, instead of only on the local record.

Local serial holdings in OCLC

Naomi is going to submit a grover request to Jason to create a list of the single errors with sublibrary/collection data.

Provider-Neutral Guide for E-Monographs

Jane Anne has contacted OCLC re. access to the Webinar.

Job Competencies

Doug reported that group is very close to completing its draft, which will be circulated for comment.

Serials Solutions training

Naomi is meeting with Chris Poehlmann to get training using the Serials Solutions database.


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