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CatMet Management Group Minutes
February 6, 2008


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young   


DLC-CatMet workflow

Betsy reported that she had recently met with Erich and Stephanie to discuss the DLC-CatMet workflow. 

As a result, Erich is going to set up a meeting for Nelda to describe her workflow to CatMet (Jimmie, Jorge, Betsy) and get feedback. 

Erich also mentioned again his hope that DLC and CatMet can share 505 data.  DLC hasn't been able to ingest the 505 data Catmet sent months ago, and DLC hasn't been able to extract a file generated from their workflow to send us for testing.  Jason offered to work on this if DLC would allow read-only access to their database.  Betsy will contact Erich to ask.

Finally, Erich suggested that CatMet take a look at Data Fountains.


Per Betsy, Mark indicated that the dLOC template hasn’t changed much.  There is supposed to be some grant money available later this spring to hire OPS (exempt staff if interested) to continue the dLOC project to add subject terms to the metadata using the template. 



The group discussed a project to overlay CARP and REMARC records with OCLC records.  The CARP and REMARC records do not have OCLC numbers.  The match point is via LCCNs. 


AFA Reclass

After AFA has updated the holdings for the initial group of items being moved to Storage, CatMet will run a report to try to generate call numbers in as automated a fashion as possible.  Eleven serial titles will need to reclassed.  AFA will handle all relabelling.  


Serials Meeting

Priscilla reported that she, Terri and Naomi will meet with Dee Hawes and Raimonda on Thursday, February 7 to discuss serials procedures.  Priscilla, Terri, Steve, and Raimonda will also meet to discuss workflow. 


Brittle Books Task Force

Nancy said that there is a brittle book backlog for selectors to review.  John Ingram said that selectors cannot break up sets.  The selectors want to retain about 15% of these books.  There are hundreds of thousands of brittle books in the stacks.


Domestic Approval Plan

Doug said that the Domestic Approval Plan Review Committee has made a unanimous recommendation to the Dean/Directors re. the selection of an approval plan vendor. 

Betsy said that our use of PromptCat will continue to grow.  Material from Casalini and Harrasowitz may be added to this workflow next.


Storage Committee

Doug said that Judy Russell requested the construction of the storage facility be moved up.  She wants it completed in 2 years.



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