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CatMet Management Group Minutes

March 3, 2010

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

Special and Area Studies Collections Department priorities

Jane Anne reviewed the uncataloged inventory with SASC and reported that the department is satisfied with current cataloging workflows.  However, it would be good to begin to catalog selected high-priority Florida History microfilm.  Jane Anne and Jimmie will discuss this further.  Also, Jim Liversidge is interested in having a playbill collection cataloged.  Jane Anne will talk with him about creating a template, which he could have an OPS worker complete for each playbill.

440 fields

CMG decided to instruct FCLA to add 440 fields, now obsolete, to the holdings validation as an overridable error.

Replacements and new positions

Betsy shared the division rankings for five replacement positions and ten proposed positions. 

Reclamation project

Jane Anne is working with Jason to add provisional status to the brief Baldwin records that were extracted in error.  Because they went forward with the extract load, OCLC numbers were added and need to be removed and holdings deleted.  This is the first step in tackling the unresolved issues from the reclamation.

To address a problem with overlays during the reclamation, Betsy submitted a grover request for a report of any bibs with 019 fields from a series of promptcat files.  The promptcat bibs were deemed the likeliest candidates for overlays due to the availability of better records in OCLC.  FCLA moved existing OCLC numbers on Aleph bibs to 019 fields if they did not match the incoming OCLC numbers loaded at the end of the project. 

Local Serial Holdings

The next step is to update the grover ticket with a request for a revised test file with OCLC symbols, then post the file to the Product Services Web.  Naomi will take the lead.

Door lock

CMG considered a proposal to change the time the double doors from the lobby lock, but decided to leave the time at 5:00pm.

10% staff development

CMG discussed whether 10% for staff development should continue to be used. Betsy will check with HR to find out how other units in the library handle this.  [After the CMG meeting Betsy learned from Bonnie that 10% for staff development is not required and is not used across the library.  Bonnie recommended adding training-related tasks to other areas of the position description.  CatMet supervisors will include staff development percentages on position descriptions on an as needed basis.]

Cataloging statistics Web page

IT developed a Web page to run the cataloging statistics report.  A password-protected link has been added to the department site (left frame).  Enhancements are in the works.


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