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CatMet Management Group Minutes
March 5, 2008


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young   


Town Meeting

CMG discussed the 3/5/08 Town Meeting. 



The Database Maintenance Librarian Search Committee is reviewing applicants in the pool and conducting reference interviews.  The E-Resources Librarian Search Committee has completed all phone and reference interviews. 


Authority and Metadata Quality Unit

Randy will work .3FTE in the Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit assisting with clean-up of names and unit reports.



Chelsea will visit for an orientation with Doug S., Jimmie Lundgren, and Jackie Brown on general workflow and to discuss particulars about Documents material.  She will then meet with Paul Lightcap.  Betsy gave her an overview of our organizational structure and goals. 


Bib Triggers

In some cases the cataloging stats macro has been run on the bib rather than holdings.  Michael Jay is working on a macro revision that will shut down the macro if the stats macro is run on the bib.



LC is seeking BIBCO libraries interested in participating in the E-CIP program by partnering with their University Presses to complete cip metadata.  Priscilla investigated and found that the University of Florida Press outputs approximately 100 titles per year.  CMG agreed to pursue involvement, and Priscilla will contact LC.



Priscilla plans to hold a BIBCO refresher session.  CMG expressed interest and will encourage unit members to attend.


Systems Liaisons

The department is going to reduce its team of Systems Liaisons from 11 staff to 4.  Position descriptions will be updated during the evaluation period. 



A Training Committee meeting is scheduled for March 26.  Jimmie suggested that the committee consider holding a sharing session re. Connexion.  Hikaru is interested in macro training.


Jason completed the project to provide DLC with Aleph system numbers corresponding to the NOTIS numbers in their tracking database. 


Party Committee

Betsy asked if the Party Committee is considering a spring get-together.  Jane Anne will check.  According to Jane Anne the next party for Acquisitions and Cataloging is scheduled in August.   

The Spring picnic is scheduled for April 11 during Alachua County’s spring break week to make it easier for staff members' families to attend.




SUL Committees

Naomi said the Technical Services Planning Committee's Metadata Subcommittee is reviewing its role in relation to the newly formed Technology Advisory Group's Digital Initiatives Subcommittee.


Cyrillic Vernacular project

Betsy and Jason are working on a project with Alena Aissing to download Cyrillic script from OCLC to Aleph. 


WorldCat Local

Betsy mentioned that the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) is investigating WorldCat Local as a consortial catalog for ASERL members.  At Dean Russell's request, Betsy completed a form distributed to interested ASERL members.

Tenure Homes

Jimmie asked for librarians to let her or Priscilla know if they prefer a division or department tenure home. 



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