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CatMet Management Group Minutes
March 19, 2008


Attendees:  Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams   


AFA Reclass

Ann will contact Betsy when the group is ready to reclass all of holdings with AFA locations in dewey range and will pull out call numbers.


DLC Liaison

Jorge has agreed to work 10% with DLC projects.  Betsy said it would be helpful that Jorge should revisit spreadsheet to track projects that are currently happening to get an idea of what’s currently going on.  Jorge will attend meetings with DLC.


Carp records

Jason reported he has completed 434 of 8,000 records.  64% merging, 13% - too many to merge, 18% - notify found, 3% found when taking out LCCN by title.  Jason will make OCLC number of found records and will send a spreadsheet of the different categories to CATMET.



Jason is getting records in Endeca project.  Mark hasn’t reviewed records sent yet.  Jason will send Priscilla records to take out of Palmm.



Jimmie will work with Nelda on converting from sheet level to set level for map records.  There is a DLU01 client where you can look at LTQF records.


Lost Items Meeting

Involved 6 units – Barbara G. would run report for lost items, She will divide by LC call # and send to Database Maintenance and selectors.  90 days after the list is sent out DM will suppress bib holdings and items and delete (in OCLC) holdings using macro.  If selectors want the book they will send email to CM, then to monograph to see who orders.  CM will add tickler as they order.  If CM order new item, they will un-suppress.  If bib is suppressed there are no holdings on OCLC.


Grants Management Meeting

Jane Anne attended the Grant management meeting – The group will now report to Sam Huong.  The Committee will meet with the Mini Grant staff on April 1st.  They will present a 6 months report and what they’ve done.  They will encourage others to apply for Grants and let them know where to look for Grants funding.



Jimmie says display of Icons in Endeca is being discussed, and is expected that only one icon will appear for each title.

Faculty Recruitment

Nancy drafted a change in the libraries’ practices for recruiting faculty. The committee will be looking at survey summaries and categorize questions and then distribute final report to Faculty.  Final report will then go to the handbook.  Changes to sections in career development handbook will be on the Web.


Library Council

Library Council meeting will be held Monday, March 24th.  Betsy will send out the agenda.


Tenure & Promotion

Jimmie stated that Tenure and Promotion’s name will remain the same pending further discussion and information related to the appointments part of the change proposal.  Faculty in the LFA, the T&P Committee, and throughout the departments in the libraries are discussing the future of tenure homes in the libraries on department and divisional levels. 

Director’s meeting

Directors will meet on Friday, March 21st to discuss the budget and will look at vacant positions.


Round Robin

Jimmie has completed 5 of her 6 Evaluations in the Science & Social Science Cataloging Unit. The Unit is still working on Coastal Archives, along with the Copy Cataloging Unit.  Jackie Brown will retire in July 2009 and Jimmie has begun identifying other staff to learn to do all of Jackie’s duties before that time.  Jackie Heiland will begin learning to work on Florida Urban planning documents.  Greg will begin to work with some of the Internet documents.  Florida Depository has less print and more Internet documents now, and Chelsea will request cataloging of Internet documents to Jackie B. and Jimmie.


Nancy Poehlmann has 4 position description to be done.  She will review and complete appraisals by next week.


Doug Smith’s unit is very busy working on overflowing storage material.  Volumes and serials are going to Priscilla’s unit.


Priscilla – Will meet with 2 staff on Thursday to discuss evaluations.  Her unit is working on a backlog of brittlebooks for withdrawals from Preservation.  Terri will train a Preservation student on withdrawals.


Jane Anne is working on 1893 books.  She will present a Poster session @ FLA of how children are perceived and what to teach them and how death affected them. 


Hikaru will do a poster session on March 24th.  Hikaru has completed her term on the Communications committee and Jorge will take over.  Hikaru will serve as a member of the Library Convocation Planning Committee.  The Convocation is scheduled for August 13th @ 2-4.


Hikaru and Nancy will be on the ballot for Library Faculty Assembly.    



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