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CatMet Management Group Minutes

March 28, 2007

Attendance: Steve Fuquay, Jimmie Lundgren, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Naomi Young  

Class scheme

Betsy distributed handouts from Library HR related to upcoming changes in staff classification lines.  Working with University HR, Library HR has developed a detailed formula for determining individual salary adjustments based on the application of a market equity analysis and compensible factors (education and experience).  Per Naomi, at a recent Communications Committee meeting, Brian Keith announced that USPS staff will be included in the salary assessments.  In order to implement the new salary ranges, the library needs to spend approximately $800,000 to increase staff wages.  This increase will be phased in over the course of two fiscal years with the first increase (1/2 the total amount) expected this spring.   Future plans include instituting steps within classification lines.  

Coastal Archives cataloging

Jimmie reported that the Coastal Archives satellite collection is going to be transferred to the library.  Details for cataloging the collection's items have not been developed yet, but it is expected to involve both copy catalogers and original catalogers.  Jimmie will contact Vernon about what's being done about existing CA bibs/holdings in the catalog.  

Aleph version 18

Betsy explained that there are two primary needs associated with the version 18 upgrade - training and functionality testing.  The Training Committee is going to assume responsibility for creating training documentation.  Betsy will follow-up on the group's recommendations for department staff to assist with the functionality testing.  

Catalog Problems survey

The group discussed the draft survey.  Betsy will send it to All Library Staff.

FY07 department goals

Building on draft department goals circulated earlier by Betsy, Steve shared additional suggestions.  This led to a discussion of upcoming retirements in December 2007.  As usual, position vacancies will be evaluated based on department needs.  To date, there have not been discussions at the division or library level about goals for the coming year (see Smathers Libraries - Calendar Based Planning Cycle  

April department meeting

The next quarterly department meeting will take place in April.  Betsy will check Outlook for a date and place.  The Training Committee will give a sneak preview of Aleph version 18.  Other potential topics were discussed.  

CatMet faculty

Betsy expressed her desire to increase department faculty involvement in deliberations and decision-making, in keeping with the growing emphasis on shared governance within the library.  Betsy has solicited ideas from the department faculty and suggested that their participation in the department management meetings might be an effective way to insure they have an opportunity for input.  Jimmie suggested holding quarterly faculty meetings to discuss issues within the profession.  Doug commented that such meetings might appeal to non-faculty as well.  Five department faculty are included in the management group and five are not.


The group decided to post meeting minutes in order to facilitate the passing along of information to the department.   



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