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CatMet Management Group Minutes
April 2, 2008


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jason Fleming, Jorge Gonzalez, Jimmie Lundgren, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young    


DLC Liaison

Jorge will attend weekly meetings with DLC.  He attended his first meeting and they discussed who will take over DLC when Erich leaves.


Mark will convert the Database to Web Version.  A spreadsheet was created to track different projects.  The IFAS report has been expanded to include information about other projects. 


Ag project workflow

Steps could be worked on.  The report includes cataloger involved and the contact person for DLC. 


AFA Reclass

Priscilla said that Jason ran a report to look at the number of records for the pilot project.  731 items were broken down by Jason to get call numbers in OCLC.  Priscilla and Terri will check on labels and see if Ann is ready to move forward.  Priscilla and Terri have no need for additional catalogers to work on pilot project at this time.  



Betsy said that FCLA notified the SUL that the end of NOTIS reports is scheduled for June 1, 2008.  


Aleph Reports

The Tech Services Planning Committee is interested in knowing about staff needs for Aleph reports.  Outside of the authorities reports that Priscilla is looking at with the Authorities Subcommittee, the group didn't have any reports to suggest.   Betsy will ask Steve to talk to his staff about this.


Cleanup Projects

Betsy said CMG should feel free to add to and revise entries in the CatMet-Cleanup Project public folder. 

The list of high priorities includes the following:

Local serial holdings is a top priority to get them into OCLC.  Betsy is still waiting for information from Judy Moran.


Carp & Remarc records-Jason is currently updating these records.


Suppressing bibs with suppressed holdings


Adding vernacular script for Slavic language.  Betsy is waiting on word from Alena to overlay Russian records.


Adding vernacular script for Hebrew, etc.  On hold until the Judaica Librarian returns.


Betsy will annotate the list to indicate the priority level. 


Backlog of Theses

Randy will work with Gerald on inputting these records into OCLC. 


CatMet Department meeting

The CatMet Department meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 28th.  Betsy asked for ideas of topics to discuss.  Some were:


Current projects

Goals for the year

Changes in staff responsibilities (e.g., Systems Liaisons)


FLA Annual Conference

Attendees will include Betsy, Priscilla, Gerald, and Jane Anne.



Betsy and Michael met to map out a simpler Web interface for the stats.   


Faculty Recruitment Committee

Nancy and Missy did a 1st draft of policies on recruitment.  There will be a meeting on April 7th to talk about the draft. 


Committee on Persons with Disabilities

Naomi is on the Disability committee.   They are working on updating the Faculty guide.   


Endeca Discussion Group

Jimmie gave an update that the SUL OPAC Committee decided to implement the browse feature in Endeca.


Resource Navigation Committee

The committee is working on a monthly forum. They will meet in room 1A to talk about resources.


Electronic Resources Committee

Jimmie was supposed to fill in for Haiyun but has not been notified about meetings.  Betsy will investigate.  


Rare Books

Nancy met with Jim Cusick, Dan Reboussin, and Peter Malanchuk to discuss the 300 rare Africana books in the arrearage.  Nancy agreed that HumCat would catalog about 30 books a month to complete this project.



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